January 28, 2021

75.206, a fifth prize with soriano flavor

The number 75.206, the earliest of eight fifth prizes, endowed with 60,000 euros to the series, went entirely to the capital of Soria. It was 9.49 in the morning when each of the holders of a tenth of this number were awarded 6,000 euros. Nerea Pareja and Alonso Dávalos brought luck to Soria, where the joy was immediately massive. It was not the Fat, but a pinch never hurts anyone. The number was acquired and distributed entirely in the Lottery Administration of El Collado Street, number 2, of the capital. Given the traditional Castilian spirit, strong and sober, there was no unleashed joy. "It will be worth it to cover some hole", said some of the few people who were traveling on the street on this cold December morning in Castilla. Roberto, owner of the Bar Herradores, explained to LA RAZÓN, that "it is still too early to walk down the street through Soria", but I know that it has touched some acquaintances, that it will be very good for them ". Especially to the parishioners of the Queru Bar, who had taken that number to distribute it among their customers.


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