74% of Spaniards want general elections in 2019, according to poll

74% of Spaniards want general elections in 2019, according to poll

Almost three quarters of Spaniards (74%) want the general elections to be held in March or May of 2019 if the Government of Pedro Sanchez fails to approve the General Budgets of the State, I wish they share even 65.5% of the voters of the PSOE.

This is reflected in the survey of Sigma Dos that includes El Mundo in its edition on Monday, which also states that 39.6% of socialist voters qualify as "regular" the work of the central executive, which in general It is considered as "bad or very bad" by 43.3% of the respondents.

According to the survey, conducted between December 21 and 27, from a thousand interviews, 47.1% said that the government will not be able to approve the budgets, compared to 40.3% who believe that it will.

Among those who think that the Executive will carry out the accounts of the State, the voters of Unidos Podemos stand out (51.5%) over those of the PSOE (49%).

A large majority (74%) of those who responded to this survey -including the PSOE voters- demanded the holding of general elections in March or May of next year, in the latter case coinciding with European and municipal elections, in case of that the Government fails to approve the General State Budgets.

Regarding the assessment of the opposition parties, only 28.7% of PP supporters see as "good" or "very good" the work of Pablo Casado in charge of this training. For 48.4% it is "regular".

At a general level, the PP works in the opposition "good" or "very well" for 11.5% of respondents and "bad" or "very bad", for 53.3%.

Almost the same opinion has the voters of Unidos Podemos of their own party, who value "regular" 46.3%, while globally 51.9% see "bad or very bad" their work in the opposition.

With regard to Citizens, 49.3% of their voters and supporters believe that they are doing "good", but at a general level, 39.4% think that their work is "bad" or "very bad".

In the survey of Sigma Dos, none of the ministers of the Government of Sanchez reaches the approved one in a score of 1 to 10, being the holder of Justice, Dolores Delgado, the one that obtains the lowest note (3,7) and the minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque, who achieved the highest, a 4.69, followed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, with 4.53 out of 10.

Borrell is also the minister most known to the respondents (74.4%), even above the government's spokesperson, Isabel Celaá (64.1%), who also "suspends" the interviewees with 4.04 points over 10. Among the ministers, the Defense, Margarita Robles, is the best valued, with 4.16 points.


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