January 22, 2021

71% of university students who bet and play online poker are men

Telematic sports betting and internet poker games are the most frequent among university students who declare to play with assiduity, 71% of men compared to 29% of women, and they do it for two reasons: fun and money .

The Addiction Prevention Manual concludes in the university field, presented this Thursday and made by the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Players of Chance (Fejar) with the support of the National Plan on Drugs.

For the study 636 young people have been interviewed nationwide from September 2018 to March 2019 (this course had enrolled 1.5 million university students) and almost half of those who declare to play, 46%, affirm to arrive through of advertising, 26% for their friends, 15% on the Internet and 13% answered "because I saw him on the street".

The technical director of Fejar, Juan Lamas, has stressed the need to prevent from an early age because a person does not play "by chance" when he reaches 18, because according to several studies the average age of new gamblers is in 16 years old

The Fejar Manual highlights the danger that university students, because they have more intellectual preparation, believe they have "a better predisposition to control the situation and be protected against risks" so they can not perceive the sensation of "danger of falling an addiction".

However, this Federation has warned that unlike the "addicted classic" to slot machines, now the presence of the "hooked" in a local is not required but can satisfy their addiction from the private sphere.

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