July 29, 2021

71.4% are not willing to pay more for expensive bio products

71.4% are not willing to pay more for expensive bio products

Spain has been late to the fashion of "bio" products, but it seems that we are already taking a liking for these foods, which are distinguished from the conventional ones by a purely natural elaboration. Last year, this market grew by almost 15% in our country, which placed us among the top ten in the European Union with a per capita expenditure of 32 euros and an overall volume of 2,000 million euros.

Although nobody discusses the benefits and the healthy of the ecological, this trend also has its detractors. Besides the inconvenience of its high price, many wonder if it is really necessary to eat quinoa or coconut oil when we have here so close olive oil and lentils from the earth. Not to mention the damage we inflict on the planet when we bring food from the other side of the planet. However healthy they may seem to us.

In the survey prepared by NC Report for LA RAZÓN, only 45.8 percent of those surveyed said they bought organic products. They are, above all, the youngest, those between 18 and 34 years old, those who recognize themselves as consumers. However, the Spanish do not seem very willing to pay more for a higher quality meal; 71.4% do not want to spend more on the supermarket by the "bio" label. In this sense, 59.7% believe that it is justified that the State subsidizes a better diet for citizens. In what does exist some consensus, 52.4%, is that it is not a passing fad.


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