70% of management positions in educational centers are held by women – La Provincia

ANPE Canary Islands highlights, on the occasion of the celebration of this March 8, International Women’s Day, the contribution of women to the improvement of public education in the Islands. The union with more representation in the public school of the autonomous community indicates that, according to the report education In Spain, which has just been published by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training with data from the 2017/2018 academic year, almost seven out of ten management positions – 64.6% – are occupied by women in the centers of the Archipelago, which evidences his leadership in the formation of the new generations.

By stages, they hold this position in 92.3% of cases in Early Childhood Education, in 69.5% in Primary Education, in 60.7% in Compulsory Education centers, in 43% in centers. where Secondary and FP is taught and in 54.5% in Special Education.

Pedro Crespo, president of ANPE Canarias, believes that this leadership is key to continue moving towards a more just and equal society. “Education is the best weapon to combat discriminatory or sexist behaviors. In this sense, that there are so many women in educational centers and in decision-making positions is a good sign,” he says. “Their presence, in addition, is also essential to bridge the gender gap that exists between boys and girls when studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).”

Ten years ago, women were already a majority in the teaching profession and in the management teams of the Archipelago, but their presence in the latter was not so significant. According to the report published by the Ministry then, in the 2007/2008 academic year 54.4% of the addresses of the centers in the Canary Islands were in charge of them, which means that this indicator has grown by 10.2 points. For its part, the national average has increased from 49.8% to 64% in the same period. The Canary Islands, therefore, have always gone ahead of the country’s average in proportion of women in managerial positions and the trend in study headquarters and secretariats is identical.

In the national context, according to the study Equality in figures, presented by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training this week, 66.5% of all teachers in Spain – regardless of whether they hold a position or not – are women. This percentage increases to 71.9% in non-university education and falls to 41.3% in university education.

This year, the motto chosen by the UN to celebrate International Women’s Day is I Am of the Generation Equality: For the rights of women. Following the steps of this campaign and joining the commitment of political leaders in the World Education Agenda 2030, ANPE Canarias wants to insist that real equality between men and women will not be achieved only through international agreements, laws or media holders; It is also necessary the joint action in the daily life of all people, generating a domino effect.

This event is, in the opinion of the union, a good time to analyze figures of reports, reflect on the progress achieved, claim more changes and celebrate the courage and determination of women who have played a key role in history. For this reason, ANPE Canarias applauds and thanks its work to education professionals who pioneered access to both higher education and the world of work and provided visibility to women as a full member of society.


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