July 27, 2021

7 injured and 3 arrested in a brawl between fans of Hercules and Castellón

7 injured and 3 arrested in a brawl between fans of Hercules and Castellón

A massive fight between fans of Hercules and Castellón in the vicinity of the stadium Rico Pérez has caused seven injured, two of which have had to be transferred to a hospital center, while three young people have been arrested, as reported by the Emergency Information and Coordination Center (CICU) and the Local Police of Alicante.

The Police had to intervene in the vicinity of Campo de Mirra, to dissolve a fight originated by 58 young fans of Hercules and Castellón between 20 and 40 years old, that for reasons that are investigated have begun to attack. According to police sources two agents of the Local Police of Alicante were in the vicinity attending an accident and, observing the fight, they have directed quickly to dissolve it and have requested reinforcements. Before arriving the reinforcements the agents have asked the youths to depose their attitude, without doing these cases to the police indications and rushing against the policemen, reason for which it has had to make preventive use of the weapon in the air to avoid that they were attacked by a tumultuous group, and in that moment the young people have started the flight.

In the operation they have had to intervene a total of 14 patrols of the Local Police and several of the National Police, Upon his arrival, persecution has begun in the area of ​​young people who were dressed in black, many of whom were wearing their faces. The local and national police have managed to identify 55 people, 30 fans from Castellón and 25 from Hercules, that will be proposed for sanction for infringement of the Sports Law with a precautionary measure prohibiting a football field, and sanctions of up to 3,000 euros.

The Local Police has arrested three men aged 34, 36 and 27, two for an alleged crime of tumultuaria and one for assault on the authority, who have been informed of the reasons for their detention as well as the rights that assist them and transferred to the commissary.

Also in the fight a total of seven people have been injured, two of them were more serious, and the local police have intervened with the flares and sticks they carried. For its part, the CICU received a notice at 2:50 pm to alert him of a massive fight between the hobbies of Hercules and Castellón and was mobilized to the place a Basic Life Support that transferred a man of 41 years to the General Hospital from Alicante.

The Local Police had to move a 27-year-old man to the same hospital, where a 20-year-old man who has arrived by his own means has also been treated. Another 18 year old has been treated for bruises and has received voluntary discharge. Hercules and Castellón meet in the match of the twelfth day of group III of the Second Division B. EFE


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