September 22, 2020

6,745 million less in EU aid

The European Council proposal will reduce the CAP by 925 million annually until 2027. Today negotiations begin. COAG requires Sánchez to leave this agreement

The European Union is ready to tighten the ciunturon after the United Kingdom’s departure from community discipline. That is why it has begun to cut budgets and aid for the next seven years. And the farmers will be some of the big victims. According to the draft budget agreement for the period 2021-2027 presented on February 14 by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, the cuts would mean – if approved – a loss for Spanish agriculture of 925 million euros per year. That is the calculation made by the Coordinator of Farmers and Livestock Organizations (COAG), which claims that if Michel’s proposal for the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) funds prospers, Spain would cease to receive 6,745 million euros.

The European Council will discuss today the proposal of the Council for the new period of the CAP, which goes through a sharp decline in agricultural spending in real terms (14.1%), a cut that is more drastic in rural development (24%) than for direct aid (10.1%). The analysis carried out by COAG warns that the funds will be reduced by 54,000 million euros for all beneficiary countries compared to the last agreement of the 2014/20 financial framework, which would mean an annual loss of 7,700 million euros, of which to Spain They would cut the 925 million mentioned, which correspond to 12% that belong to our items.

Therefore, this cut will be added to the serious profitability crisis suffered by the Spanish countryside, which can give the tip to many of the farms. Through a statement, COAG has requested the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to establish alliances with the rest of the affected countries to veto this cut and strengthen the CAP budget in the 2021-2027 financial framework. “It would be really unfair and alarming that the EU wanted to finance the ecological transition by lowering support for rural men and women. Sanchez, must stand firm before a proposal that evidences the serious incoherence of the EU in its policies, ”said the Secretary General of COAG, Miguel Blanco, in the letter. He also criticizes that, at a time when community agriculture has “greater environmental demands, the fight against climate change, and animal welfare within the Green Package”, make this cut, which will make any investment in this direction unfeasible. In its judgment, the Spanish Government “must prioritize agricultural funds” in the negotiation of the next multiannual community financial framework.

Land associations have confirmed that they will continue to defend their rights until they are given a solution to their demands.


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