June 18, 2021

67,000 cases in 27 countries

The change of protocol to diagnose new infected has raised the number of victims

Since the protocol was changed to diagnose the presence of Covid-19 in the body, cases have increased. Until now, it was necessary to test positive for the nucleic acid but now any patient who shows signs of pneumonia when having a CT scan (a lung scanner) will be considered a new case of coronavirus infection. Beyond the economic losses that the epidemic is supposing as collateral damage of prevention measures (cancellations of international fairs such as the Mobile World Congress, fashion shows and hospitality sectors), the new cases do not stop spreading throughout the world. Most of those affected by this pneumonia (already more than 67,000 infected in total) have been registered in mainland China with 66,492 cases and 1,519 dead. There have also been deaths in Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines and another – the latter – in France, being the first European country to have a fatal case.

Africa registered its first infected by the Covid-19 virus in Egypt and was also a foreign citizen.

In total, outside of China, cases have been confirmed in 26 other countries, including two in Spain, which have finally been negative. They were detected in the two archipelagos affecting two foreign citizens (a German in the Canary Islands and a British in the Balearic Islands). Twenty Spaniards repatriated last January from Wuhan, in quarantine at the Gómez Ulla hospital during this time, have already been discharged.


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