67.65% of those presented pass the July EBAU at the ULPGC

The publication of the qualifications is made today, Friday, July 15. / c7

Of the 881 students presented, 596 have been approved

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67.65% of those presented in the general phase have been approved in the extraordinary test of the EBAU in July at the ULPGC. Of the 881 students presented, 596 have been approved, of which 293 are men, and 303 women.

publication of the qualifications is made today, Friday, July 15 and a direct link has been enabled to consult the qualifications
called ulpgc.es/miebau to facilitate access without it being necessary to go through the institutional website as a previous step. Students can request review of the exams they consider and the publication of the final grades after the review, which
will take place on July 22.

Place allocation list

Today the ULPGC also publishes the
first place allocation list of access of new students in the degrees of Degree for the academic year 2022-2023. Students with an assigned place must
register from July 15 to 20since the position allocation system is configured to assign the most preferential position of those chosen and that, when a position is assigned, all the grades chosen in a lower position are eliminated.

A total of
12,546 students has pre-registered to start undergraduate studies at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) next academic year 2022-2023. By groups, the largest number comes from the General access (Baccalaureate, FP and foreigners), with 11,122 registered, 1,184 graduates and 173 from the senior access. From the province of Las Palmas there are 7203 of those pre-registered; 1,183 from the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and 4,160 from other sources.

The student body has been able to choose up to 12 Bachelor's degrees in order of priority. For pre-registration consultation
there is a direct link.

second assignment of places will be on July 22with enrollment from July 22 to 25.

Third allocation of placeswhich includes university graduates, will be on July 27, with registration until July 29.

Fourth allocation of places on August 2with enrollment until August 4.


August 28, the list of degrees with vacancies is published on the website and in the local press so that the students who pre-registered on time and wish to adapt their applications to the vacant places can do so between August 29 and September 1. On September 6, the list of allocation of places is published, which includes the students of the EBAU in July and those who have adapted the pre-registration to the vacant places. For these students, registration will be from September 6 to 9.

From July 5 to September 1, pre-registration will be open after the deadlineand this student body is also included in a list on September 6, with registration from September 6 to 9.

The limits of places, court notes of the previous course and information on scholarships, residences or public prices, are published in the
Academic Management Service website and on the ULPGC student website for you.

Pre-registration for master's studies

A provisional list will be published on July 18 of pre-registered to study a Master's degree that can be claimed on July 19 and 20 if any typo is detected. The first list of allocation of places will be published on July 25, with a registration period that includes July 26 and 27. All the information
is available on this website.

The second list of allocation of places will be published on July 28, with enrollment on July 29 and 30.

The third listing will be on August 1, with enrollment on August 2 and 3.

For master's degrees that still have places, a
Extraordinary pre-registration phase from September 1 to 15, which will give rise to a fourth place allocation list on September 28, with registration on the 29th and 39th of the same month. The fifth and last list will be published on October 1, with enrollment on October 2 and 3.


Pre-registration Doctorate

Pre-registration for Doctoral Studies in the 2022/2023 academic year has a term of
May 2 to September 20, 2022.

The pre-registration request will be made only
via web at this link. The maximum number of Doctoral Programs that may be included in the pre-registration application will be two.

Provisional list of admitted will be published on October 11 and claims may be submitted on October 13 and 14; the final list will be made public on October 17. The provisional and final pre-registration lists will be published in the
Doctoral School website.

Those people who are assigned a place in the pre-registration, will formalize the registration of the Academic Tutelage and the compulsory Training Activities of the doctoral program, from October 18 to 24,
accessing the following link.

Enrollment of already university students

Enrollment of already university students from the previous year
will be open from July 15 to September 9, 2022.

The ULPGC Student Information Service is available to resolve any queries that may arise in the process and for this it has telephone numbers, whatsapp and email on its website sie.ulpgc.es.

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