66 dental clinics in the province carry out free check-ups for people over 65

The Las Palmas College of Dentists and the Canarian Dental Foundation promote the Oral Health and Seniors campaign, promoted by the General Council of Dentists of Spain and the Spanish Dental Foundation, given the repercussions of aging on oral health, and with the aim of help prevent and diagnose oral pathologies that can seriously affect the quality of life of those over 65, the population group that most neglects their mouth according to the 2020 national oral health data.

As an outstanding action of this prevention campaign, 66 private dental clinics in Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote will carry out free check-ups from April 15 to May 15 for those patients over 65 years of age who request their prior appointment at the clinic of their choice. , and that can be found in the “participating clinics search engine”, available on the website www.saludoralymayores.es.

51% of those over 65 do not consider their oral health to be good - two out of ten suffered pain in the last year and 19% admit to having problems eating - according to the White Paper on Oral Health 2020 , recently published by the Spanish collegiate organization.

Periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis, are reversible in most cases; However, according to Francisco Cabrera Panasco, president of the Las Palmas College of Dentists, “The deterioration of the mouth of many patients ends with the loss of teeth and can have serious consequences for general health, as confirmed each time more scientific studies that demonstrate the relationship between poor gum health and increased risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, decompensation of diabetes or cancer, among others ”.

Regarding oral cancer, the Canarian Dental Foundation warns that this disease has a high mortality rate, mainly due to a late diagnosis, and highlights that early detection, which can be carried out by the dentist in a routine check-up, is key for the healing and survival of the patient.

Likewise, a healthy mouth contributes to the good state of the immune system, optimizing the response capacity of the body's defenses and playing a fundamental role against SARS-Cov2 infection, an aspect that those who are pending vaccination should especially take into account account.

Francisco Cabrera Panasco insists on the importance of oral examinations every six months, reminds patients of the "maximum security" offered by dental clinics in the province of Las Palmas, and encourages those over 65 to "take advantage of this campaign that it allows them to have a free dental check-up and put into practice basic measures that can help them achieve good oral health and prevent deterioration ”.


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