July 28, 2021

64% of Spaniards believe that creating employment should be a priority for the EU

64% of Spaniards believe that one of the main priorities of the European Union (EU) trade policy should be job creation, according to the latest Eurobarometer published by the European Commission (EC) on Wednesday.

On the contrary, only 31% of the citizens surveyed believe that the EU should have as a priority the aid to developing countries, this being the last option of all proposals.

According to the Eurobarometer, 60% of Spaniards also consider that the European Union's trade relations abroad benefit them, since the importation of foreign products and services by the EU helps consumers "have more where to choose. "

The confidence and conformity of the Spaniards with the EU's trade policy is also denoted in other data used by the report, such as the percentage of respondents who believe that the European Union is more effective than the State itself in defending economic interests. , encrypted at 77%.

63% of respondents also believe that the EU carries out its commercial policy in an "open and transparent way".

However, 65% Spaniards value that the European Union "should apply higher import tariffs" to products from non-European countries and companies that compete unfairly, and only 20% of respondents believe that the agreements with countries such as Canada, Mexico and Japan reinforce the EU position as an economic power.

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