June 24, 2021

64.3% of Chilean homosexuals have been discriminated against, according to a survey

64.3% of Chilean homosexuals have been discriminated against, according to a survey

64.3% of Chilean homosexuals have been discriminated against at least once in their lives and 49.1% suffered some kind of exclusion in the last year because of their condition, according to the results of a survey released this Thursday in Santiago .

This is the first survey on sexual and erotic behavior among men who have sex with men, conducted by the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh), in which, however, 88.6% admit that the reality of the LGBTI people in Chile has improved in the last 10 years.

However, 78.8% of respondents also believe that the HIV / AIDS prevention campaigns carried out by the State of Chile are not effective, although 70.4% believe that it is easy to access information about the virus.

The survey included 1,216 interviews of men between 15 and 29 years old who have homo or bisexual practices, who were asked for their identity number to give more rigor to the results.

The poll was extended between November 8 and December 8; Its margin of error is 3% and its confidence level is 95%, said the Mpvilh.

Of the respondents, 81.1% declared themselves unmarried, 11.8% living together and 1.5% under the Civil Union Agreement (AUC), and 53.9% said they avoided expressing affection in public to the men he likes for fear of being attacked, threatened or harassed.

To the question "Where do you avoid revealing your sexual orientation for fear of being attacked or threatened?", 40.3% indicated that in public transport, 33.6% in a plaza or park and 29% in services public 82.6% believe that people living with HIV / AIDS are discriminated against in the country.

Likewise, 24.3% said that they had had a love or erotic relationship with a man living with HIV / AIDS, and 49.4% indicated that they did not, but that they would have no problem in having a relationship with a person with the virus. .

When asked what he would do if he finds out that his partner has HIV / AIDS, 44.6% say he would not have sexual relations due to fear, while 53.3% said he would.

Regarding prevention in the first relationship with a man, 53.1% indicated that he used a condom, while 40.9% did not use any method.

51.1% said that most of the time they use condoms and 19.6% that they have used a condom since they started their sexual activity, while 7.1% indicated that they have never used a condom.

In terms of love life, 34.4% of respondents have had sexual relations with more than 30 men throughout their lives, while 24.5% have had between 2 and 5 men. 36.1% indicated that in the last twelve months they have had sexual relations with more than 5 people and 35.9% indicate that they have had sexual intercourse "sometimes" with someone they met by applications or online.

The results of the survey were released by the Movilh and the Health Minister, Emilio Santelices, who highlighted that the information provided by this study "is extremely valuable, because it consists of the first sample of this type that is carried out in our country" .

The manager of the Movilh Health Area, Diego Ríos, stressed that the survey shows "a generational and noticeable change between the adult population and the young woman who has sex with men, as well as the way in which HIV / AIDS is perceived. and discrimination based on sexual orientation. "

"One of the reasons why HIV is increasing in Chile is because prevention campaigns are not based on real diagnoses, nor do they consider cultural and personal changes, nor does it analyze the impact of homophobia on prevention," he added.


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