April 15, 2021

602 Canarian people are looking for a MIR square today – La Provincia

602 Canarian people are looking for a MIR square today - La Provincia

Around 15,000 graduates in Medicine will face today the exam to access one of the 6,797 positions of Internal Resident Physician (MIR) that are offered throughout the national territory. To the tests, which will take place from 3:00 pm in the Engineering building of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and in the Guajara Classroom in the University of La Laguna in Tenerife, there will be around 600 Canarian graduates.

As it is a national call, in addition to being held simultaneously in all the autonomous communities, it is estimated that approximately each place will be disputed by just over two applicants. The note will be fundamental: the position offered is chosen in order of qualification. Thus, in the state total a total of 6,797 places are offered, of which 283 are in the Canary Islands, mainly in the network of public hospitals of the Archipelago and the Family and Community Medicine units.

However, in the opinion of the Medical Union in the Islands, the number of places advertised by the Ministry of Health for the Archipelago are "insufficient". In fact, the spokesman of the union organization, Levy Cabrera, regrets that "as was repeated during the previous calls, the offer is less than the number of accredited places", that is, those that the health center is able to assume , bearing in mind that it is a training activity.

According to Cabrera's calculations, only nine places are missing in hospital centers. But it is that, in addition, the spokesman of the organization recalls that already the places are deficit if one takes into account on the one hand the number of graduates in Medicine and on the other the lack of stabilization of medical employment with the absence of oppositions since 2007 .

Regarding the number of students, regrets that "about 1,000 not 1,500 a year in Spain will be left out of the MIR call", a question that explains that each year the number of enrolled is increasing. In fact, in the case of the Canary Islands the number of graduates and the offer of MIR is not so disparate: 290 compared to 290, but "the problem is that in the rest the number of students in the faculties has increased excessively and the new private universities what decompensates the production of doctors, "he says.

Regarding public employment, Levy Cabrera understands that "the lack of regular offers, that they trust and attract specialists to the system, the precariousness of contracts in recent years and the poor working conditions, overcrowding, overload and cuts" add up to "there is a deficit of specialists, which is not valued when planning the MIR".

In fact, according to the spokesman of the Medical Union, the main problem in the group is the lack of planning by public institutions and notes that for example in the last decade "has maintained the same places for the Canary Islands, without an increase more than necessary. "

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In addition to the places for doctors, today's exams also include professionals from the rest of the health sector until they reach 8,042 places, which will be disputed by 35,114 applicants. According to the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, the total of graduates who will face the tests amounts to 1,378. In addition to the 602 doctors, the case of the Nursing collective stands out; to whose examination they have registered in the Archipelago 568 professionals, and to much more distance Psychology, with 116.


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