60% of Spaniards look younger than they are

Six out of ten Spaniards are perceived to be younger than they really are, on average about four and a half years younger than their biological age.

It is the main conclusion drawn from the report ‘Chronological Age vs. biological age: how old do you think Spaniards are? ‘, presented this Monday by the scientific president of the Spanish Society of Anti-aging and Longevity Medicine and professor of Medical Physiology, Manuel Castillo.

The difference in perception with respect to chronological age increases as the years pass, since people between 70 and 79 years old look even younger, according to this study promoted by the insurer Vivaz with 1,700 interviews.

In the 50s, Spaniards perceive themselves about 5 years younger, while at 70 this gap scales to 10 years on average, a figure in which there are no differences between men and women.

Only 15% of those surveyed look older, while those who feel younger also perceive themselves to be in better health and emotional well-being, while only 24% coincide with their age.

There are minimal differences between autonomous communities: Extremadura tend to perceive themselves younger than Rioja or Madrid people, which are the closest to their real age.

Spaniards rate their health as “remarkable”, 72.67 out of 100, according to the subjective perception scale validated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The variables “money and love” are also in the study. The perception of the economic situation is worse for women than for men, and it is in the 1950s when this variable worsens.

Regarding emotional well-being, women feel worse in these respects than men.


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