September 19, 2020

5,972 people have died in the residences from covid since March 8

The regional government has raised to 5,972 the number of deaths with coronavirus or symptoms compatible with the disease in residential social service centers since last March 8 to date.

This represents an increase of 21 people with respect to the latest data released on May 23 by the Ministry of Social Policies, when it notified 5,951.

Of the total count of deaths from coronavirus, 1,249 corresponded to cases confirmed by diagnosis with PCR and the remaining 4,723 had symptoms compatible with covid-19.

The total number of deaths registered in the 475 nursing homes in the region and 235 for people with disabilities and mental illness in the said period is 7,863.

The statistical information is collected by the directors of the residences in the region and is sent every Tuesday and Friday to the Ministry of Health, complying with a request made by the central government to all the autonomous communities.

These deaths are not incorporated into the daily count data of deaths with coronavirus from the Ministry of Health, since in this case Madrid provides deaths in hospitals with the confirmed PCR test or clinical diagnosis of covid-19.

The Community of Madrid has intervened fourteen residences for an “unexpected increase in deaths”, in which 662 people have lost their lives since March 8.

The centers operated on are Santa Teresa de Jornet (Madrid), La Purísima Concepción (Madrid), Geriatel Rivas (Rivas), Orpea Santo Domingo (Algete), the Usera Residence (Madrid), Vitalia Leganés, Domusvi Espartales (Alcalá de Henares) , Isabel la Católica (Madrid), Casa Quinta (Ciempozuelos), Fundación Reina Sofía Alzheimer (Madrid), Monte Hermoso (Madrid), San Celedonio (Madrid), Sergesa in Boadilla del Monte and Las Golondrinas (Robledo Chavela).


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