58 teams challenge each other in the Rallysprint Era del Cardón-Villa de Agüimes

58 teams challenge each other in the Rallysprint Era del Cardón-Villa de Agüimes

The show is guaranteed in Agüimes. / motoraldia7.com

On Friday, scrutineering and, from Saturday, a challenge on the asphalt with a wide lineup of favorites and riders who promise to show off

was officially introduced
the sixth edition of the Rallysprint Era del Cardón-Villa de Agüimes, the round of the Canary Islands Championship and the Las Palmas Provincial Championship organized by the Fan Motor Team this Friday and Saturday in this municipality in the southeast region of Gran Canaria. The act took place in the plenary hall of the Agüimense town hall itself, in an act where the latest news of the test and the official list of registered participants were announced.

It was presided over by the Councilor for Sports of Agüimes, Carmen Rosa Guedes, who had the president of the Canarian Federation, Benito Rodríguez, as her companions at the table.
together with the president of the Federation of Las Palmas, Miguel Angel Domínguez. It was completed with the president of Fan Motor, Javier Morales, who was in charge of explaining the organizational details and expressed his satisfaction and that of the team, due to the level of the entry list, with a total of 58 teams, six in the category RS.

The Councilor for Sports highlighted the importance of motor racing in Agüimes, especially in the mythical section of the Era del Cardón, which fans and drivers like so much, which justifies the support for this event, which she hopes will continue to fulfill many more editions.


In addition to the Agüimes City Council, there is the collaboration of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and its Sports area, along with the sponsorship of the companies Archiauto-FORD, MAHEPA and beNEXT-Automoción, in addition to collaborating firms such as Naviera Armas, Spar and Extintores ICC.

The Era del Cardón inaugurates this year the two rallysprints championships, Regional and Provincial. And it is also scoring for several trophies such as the FALP Promotion, Best Newcomer, BMW Power, Clio Cardones-Prodrive, Cup 1.6 Hankook-Pastelería La Madera, with a good number of participants in each of them. It is also scoring for the Sport Regularity Championship, with six teams on the list.

among the favorites we can highlight the Tenerife
Fran Suárez-Néstor Gómez (Ford Fiesta R5) or Benjamín Avella-Tino Alemán (Hyundai i20 R5) from Gran Canaria.who was the first winner of this rallysprint in 2016. And the other contenders could be Ayoze Benítez-Patricia González, now using a Porsche 911 GT3 for the first time after her Mitsubishi stage, with which she obtained two third places in this winners of the Rallysprint of The Cardón-Agüimes Era.

The test program will continue on Friday with the administrative and technical checks from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Arinaga Crossing (Elderly Center) and at the Industrial Estate (El Telar street), the latter location where the rallysprint permanent office will be , which will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday in the “Corralillos-Era del Cardón” section, with a total of six timed sections or passes, three in each direction of the route. It ends with the delivery of trophies.

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