July 8, 2020

50% of Spaniards consider buying second-hand gifts for Christmas

50% of Spaniards consider buying second-hand gifts for the coming Christmas. This is one of the main conclusions of the study. Christmas Report 2019 made by Milanuncios, the online platform with more experience in the second-hand market, with which the company wants to present the second hand as an alternative increasingly accepted by the Spaniards for Christmas. In fact, another of the data extracted from the study is that 79% of Spaniards are willing to receive second-hand products during the next Christmas.

Attending to the different generations, those over 50 (Baby Boomers) and young people between 18 and 24 years old (Generation Z) are the most predisposed to get second-hand items to give away at Christmas.

At the regional level, although there are no major differences between communities, there are Madrid people (58%), Galician (57%) and canaries (53%) show a superior predisposition to the national average, which stands at 50%. In the opposite case, there are Valencians and Andalusians with 48% and 47%, respectively.

Toys and technology, favorites for second-hand gifts

Two of the favorite Christmas gift categories, toys and technology, follow a similar trend and 52% and 49% of Spaniards would be willing to give these products at Christmas turning to the market of the second.

In the case of toys, again, the most likely to get this type of items are the young people between 18 and 24 years old (Generation Z), with 57%. They are followed by Millennials (between 25 and 39 years old) with 56%. On the opposite side are the Baby Boomers (over 50 years old) with 41%.

If we analyze the favorite technology products For the Spaniards to give second-hand gifts there are certain articles that stand out. First of all, the video consoles are placed (30%), followed by tablets (24%), electronic books (23%), photo or video cameras (22%) and Android smartphones (20%).

But, what is the reason that leads the Spaniards to opt for second-hand items to give away at Christmas? The main reason is savings (65%), however, this must be significant. On average, for Spaniards this should be around 49.8% with respect to the price of the store. In addition, there is a positive trend between generations, that is, the older, the greater the percentage of savings needed to consider buying second-hand gifts, except among Millennials who have the lowest savings percentage compared to the rest.

However, this is not the only reason why Spaniards opt for second-hand items for Christmas. 4 out of 10 Spaniards highlight the opportunity to get products that are no longer in stores, either due to lack of stock or because they are already discontinued. On the other hand, 31% highlights the responsible consumption with the objective of reducing pollution as a reason to acquire this type of products.

Good acceptance of second-hand gifts

This study also reveals that the perception of the Spaniards in view of receiving a second-hand gift is very positive. Specifically, a 79% are willing to receive such gifts.

At the generational level, the users belonging to the Generation X (between 40 and 49 years old) are the most predisposed to receive gifts of this type. Attending to the different regions, the Galicians and the Basques They are the most likely to receive second-hand gifts with a 60% and 59% acceptancerespectively. On the opposite side are the Castilian-Leon and Murcia with 28% and 25%.

"The Spaniards are increasingly willing to give away second-hand items, but we are even more pleased to receive them," says Marta Machado, spokesman for Milanuncios. "It is an initiative that, in addition to allowing us to save a certain amount of money and to obtain products that are difficult to find in the store, allows us to take a step towards responsible consumption and help reduce pollution."

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