50% of officials have suffered cuts in their health benefits

ABCMADRID Updated:04/04/2022 11:00 a.m.

The Central Independent Trade Union and Officials (CSIF), the most representative union in public administrations, Jupol, the majority union in the National Police and Jucil, the majority association in the Civil Guard, have delivered thousands of complaints to the Ombudsman for health cuts suffered by medical staff and health centers in the different mutual societies of State officials (Muface), Justice (Mugeju) and the Armed Forces (Isfas) throughout Spain.

These complaints will also be delivered to the general directorates of the three mutual civil servants and to the different parliamentary groups. Likewise, both CSIF and Jupol and Jucil are studying legal actions in the face of non-compliance with the continuity of care established by the concerts and protests to reverse this situation where the right to health care of these personnel is being reduced, as a consequence of underfunding by the Condition.

Over the last month, the three organizations have collected more than 5,000 surveys where it has been verified that in provinces throughout Spain there has been a loss of specialties, reduction of doctors and specialists, withdrawal of hospital centers, problems for the authorization of interventions or stamping of prescriptions and definitive reduction of the assistance portfolio.

According to the data collected, 50% of civil servants have suffered cuts without prior notice, have stopped receiving assistance from their usual doctors or have suffered incidents related to their health care. Likewise, 14% have seen limited access to their usual hospital and have been offered to pay for a medical consultation or to continue receiving treatment.

Along the same lines, 25% of those surveyed say that tests for covid detection have been limited.

The unions demand that the mutual societies assume their responsibility, that they take action on the matter and report transparently on the people affected by these cuts. Likewise, they demand that the term be extended to be able to change health insurer.

“In short, we demand that the mutual societies take an interest in the affected people and that, in view of the budgetary limitations, they assess the possibility of modifying the agreement so that the mutual members receive an adequate assistance provision,” the statement reads.

In the specific case of cancer patients, the unions ask that the following data be specified: the number of people treated in 2021 and how many of these are still in treatment; and that it specifies how an effective follow-up will be carried out on people who are not in treatment today, but who require check-ups. “We remember the mutuals that are obliged to guarantee the continuity of care for the affected mutual members or beneficiaries,” they add.

These cuts take place after the signing of the 2022-2024 health agreement last December between Muface and the health insurers. “We already warned then that it would be vigilant against possible reductions in medical staff and in the quality of care, given that the Government has not reversed the extra expenses incurred during the pandemic in concert, as it has been done in the case of the autonomous communities”, they warn.

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