5 series and movies for teens that will make confinement more bearable

Anyone who has ateenager in the familyhe knows that they are masters of denial and protest. In these circumstances, deprived of their routines, of the company of their group of friends, the rebellion can be more inflamed than ever. To tame them and make them feel better, experts recommend involving them in reality – without fear but without deception – and trying to make them part of family routines (board games, exercise sessions in the classroom, housework, applause from the window …). But it is also essential to leave your space and put at your fingertipsage-appropriate distraction tools. The new platformDisney +It includesseries, films and documentariesspecially designed for them. And if you hurry up and subscribebefore March 23, you can enjoy everything for just5 euros a month.

1. High School Musical. The Musical: The Series

Catchy music, ready-to-play choreography in the room and adolescent loves are infallible ingredients for the adolescent audience.15 years after the original moviestarring Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron and conquering legions of teenagers from around the world, the series chronicles new musical events with new protagonists. Fiction, in thefake documentary style,Follow a group of East High students preparing to audition and become part of the theater group’s Christmas production. The musical they must prepare is based on the original story and its iconic characters such as Troy, Gabriela or Sharpay.

However, not everything behind the scenes is easy, and young people will realize this soon, especially the protagonists, Ricky and Nini. The lucky ones selected to participate will have to adapt to their new musical family. A warning: the songs are so, so catchy that they will become, whether you like it or not, the soundtrack of the family running of the bulls.

2. Stargirl

The kids will fall surrendered before this tender story of the passage to adulthood, based on the novel of the same name that became thebestselling youth book on the New York Times list. Leo Borlock (Graham Verchere) is just any student at the Mica Institute. He takes decent notes, plays in the high school band, and has always been content to go unnoticed. But that changes when he meets Stargirl Caraway (Grace VanderWaal), a confident and colorful new student with a soft spot for the ukulele that stands out from the crowd. He is kind, he sees magic in worldly things and he brightens the lives of others with the simplest details. Her eccentric and contagious personality wins over Leo and the other students, and she quickly goes from being ignored and ridiculed to accepted and praised, and starting again, making Leo experience a roller coaster of emotions.

3. One day at Disney

The Disney universe is fascinating, no matter how old you are. So this series will hook the whole family (including rebellious teenagers) because it opens the doors for us, through 52 short chapters (about five or six minutes each), toeverything behind that fantasy world: Company employees from all walks of life (Pixar animators, theme park workers, cast members …) tell what their work is about, how magic is achieved and what a day in their life at the factory looks like of Dreams.

4. Diary of a future president.

Elena Cañero-Reed is the first president of the USA. His secretaryfind a diary he wrote at age 12When the institute was about to start and through its pages the story progresses in which we know the path that it followed to reach that high. For Elena, the youngest daughter in a Latino family, starting high school is a difficult, exciting and uncertain life. He feels that the world is shaking a bit under his feet, not only because classes are harder, responsibilities are progressively growing, new classmates can be complicated and the first steps in a new world are always scary, but because his mother has started dating another man and she feels displaced. Elena will have to discover what is her reason for existing and what she wants to dedicate her life to. This story will reflect the effort and the good and bad moments of a life full of unique experiences.

5. Shop Class

This is a contest for creative teenagers, who will get caught up in this competition of wits, imagination and skill. In Shop Class, 18 teams made up of two students and a workshop teacher have thechallenge to design, build and test a complex project in three days. Chapter by chapter you will be challenged with all kinds of gadgets and gadgets that will be graded, evaluated, and tested by a panel of engineering and design experts, depending on the creativity and functionality of the building. Only the most ingenious will go on to the next stage until they reach the grand final!


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