June 14, 2021

5 questions you should ask yourself before choosing plumber

Consider only those plumbers licensed, especially if the Autonomous Community in Spain requires a specific license, as do most European countries.

Only evaluate plumbers who can provide proof of civil liability insurance.

It is important to ask the plumber how long he has been an active professional in the plumbing sector. The more experience the plumber or the plumber company has, the better.

After the professional analyzes the pipes, toilets and all aspects of the plumbing, he must be able to offer accurate estimates of what the way to solve the plumbing problem should be.

It is necessary to ensure the guarantee of the work performed, as well as that of the replaced parts, included in the budget, including the new necessary parts.

Do not forget to request a list of references from satisfied customers and review them before hiring the plumber.

Now that the user is knowledgeable about the general advice, here are five critical questions to ask each plumber before hiring them:

The correct questions that the user needs to ask the plumber before hiring his serviceThe answers to these questions will help you choose a plumber who is qualified to solve problems of all kinds. They will also prevent hiring the wrong plumber, a mishap that could result in major problems related to the plumbing that could cost the user hundreds of euros.

What is the total estimated cost of fixing the plumbing problem?

Users must be careful with the information received, if not skeptical, about the budgets that are received by phone. Good plumbers naturally prefer to see and analyze the customer's pipe problem, before offering an estimate of the total price of repairs to be performed. In addition, experienced professionals include the price of any new parts needed to complete the repair. This problem can be verified by asking the chosen plumber if the budget includes both parts and the price of labor.

Ask Who will do the work?

If the plumber you speak with uses assistants or subcontractors or other reform companiesIt is important to ask about the credentials and experience they have. It is not necessary to risk that the person who is really fixing the pipes has less training or experience of the plumber with whom the budget has been agreed initially.

Does the plumber have a license?

If the type of work requires an activity license such as deal, make sure that the plumber has passed all the tests to obtain a license. In these cases you must be able to see the license or permits. It is better to distrust a bit of newly licensed plumbers without much experience, but they can also provide a better rate on work done than those with more years of experience.

Ask: "Are you insured and associated?"

An affirmative answer must mean that the plumber is prepared to offer all kinds of evidence of civil liability insurance. If asked, it is important to make it clear to the plumber that you do not want to be legally responsible for the injuries or damages caused by the professional while you are at work or in the user's home fixing a plumbing problem. The user has the right, if not the duty, to ask this question.

Is the rate per hour or fixed?

It is important to clarify the budget received to avoid unpleasant surprises when the repair work is finished. If the plumber indicates that the rate is per hour, it must be ensured, according to the plumber's experience, how much time he needs to finish the repair. The more experience the qualified plumber has, the better, because it will help the plumber to give an accurate estimate of the time it normally takes to complete the repair, assuming the fault is easily accessible.

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