5 people arrested in attack on Lady Gaga's dog walker

Artist Lady Gaga.

Artist Lady Gaga.

Los Angeles Police has arrested five suspects for him armed assault to the dog walker of Lady Gaga and the robbery of the two bulldogs which he recovered after two days. Three of the detainees are charged with assassination attempt and the other two individuals are suspected of having assisted in the crime committed at the end of February, the agents reported Thursday in a statement.

At the moment the Police rule out that the attackers knew in advance that the dogs were the property of the pop star and believe that they stole them for the "great value of their race".

Among those arrested is precisely the woman who handed over the two dogs to a police station after Gaga promised that she would reward the person who returned them safely with $ 500,000. At first, when the suspect took the animals to the Police, their involvement in the robbery was ruled out but a later investigation revealed that was in a relationship with the father of one of the three detainees for him shooting. The two bulldogs, named Koji and Gustav, were in perfect condition and uninjured.

In the video released by the US media it is seen how two people get out of a car, struggle with the walker in the streets of Hollywood (Los Angeles, USA), and finally they shoot before taking the animals away. Hours after the incident, authorities indicated that the walker's life was not in danger.

Lady Gaga, who was in Rome at the time filming the film 'Gucci' under the orders of Ridley Scott, offered the thieves half a million dollars to get their dogs back without demanding explanations in return.


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