August 7, 2020

48 people arrested for cheating almost 5 million with the "Nazareno" method

The National Police has dismantled a group dedicated to swindling banks by requesting fraudulent loans. 48 people have been arrested in Murcia, Seville and Madrid accused of cheating almost 5 million euros.

This has been announced by the Ministry of the Interior in a statement, picked up by Ep, in which they explained that the detainees used a modern version of the 'Nazareno' scam.

This technique consisted of creating a company in the name of frontmen and endowing it with economic viability by requesting bank loans to support its activity, which were correctly paid at first, although they stopped paying after requesting an extension of the same, leaving the outstanding debt to the banking entity.

Those arrested managed to obtain an economic benefit that exceeds 2.5 million euros, in addition to owe more than 2 million euros to the Tax Agency and Social Security.

Two criminal groups

The National Police was able to verify that the presumed authors of the scam belonged to two differentiated groups and that they were structured in family ties and, in turn, connected by a single person and ideologist of the whole plot.

The investigators managed to find out that the two groups were carrying out money laundering operations from economic crimes such as scams and frustration of the execution of debts incurred.

As reported by Interior, the first of the two groups was previously investigated for four criminal campaigns perpetrated between 2010 and 2013. Their illicit profits would have been laundered through bank financing operations and the sale of real estate.

Regarding the second group investigated, the National Police assures that there is evidence of the existence of a complex network of companies, allegedly used to carry out the decapitalization of three goods transport companies by road and, with this, to intentionally and deliberately prevent the execution of debts worth more than 3 million euros.

More than 50 properties

The researchers carried out two phases to execute the exploitation of the investigation. In the first one, the 6 principal investigators were arrested, as well as registering the social offices of the consultancy and one of the companies investigated.

In the second phase the rest of the people were arrested, all of them related to the facts investigated, although they correspond to lower levels. Among them are the figureheads used for the creation of mercantile companies screen.

The Ministry of the Interior explains that 52 properties belonging to different people involved in the plot have been blocked, among which are different social headquarters. Likewise, the seizure of more than 80 motor vehicles has also been requested.


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