August 3, 2021

47% of people who are overweight do not consider spending less time sitting

47% of people who are overweight do not consider spending less time sitting

47.6% of people with excess weight do not consider spending less hours sitting, according to a study by the Jordi Gol University Institute for Research in Primary Care (IDIAPJGol), made known on the occasion of the celebration today of the World Day of the obesity.

The study, which has analyzed the profile of 464 patients with overweight or obesity and what their pattern of behavior and its relationship with health, has revealed that men spend more time sitting in general than women, especially the younger ones.

According to the study, half of the population between 25 and 65 years old with overweight or obesity is sedentary, that is, they spend more than 6 hours sitting a day and 47.6% have not thought about getting up more often.

The study, whose results can be extrapolated, has been carried out in 25 primary care centers in Barcelona, ​​Lleida, Zaragoza and Almeria and involved 130 medical and nursing professionals and 464 overweight or obese patients with a body mass index (BMI) of between 25 and 34.9.

All the patients were between 25 and 65 years old and there was no medical contraindication for physical activity.

The data indicate that the most sedentary population is young men, between 25 and 35 years old, with a high educational level and office work; and frequent sedentary activities are to work or study and watch television or the computer.

The study is part of the SEDESTACTIV clinical trial, which aims to evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention based on health education to reduce sedentary lifestyles.

"People are aware that they have to exercise, but they do not realize that it is also very detrimental to spend many hours sitting, even if they go to the gym later on," said Elena Martínez, head physician of the study.

"Obesity is a growing problem of public health in the world, and sedentary lifestyle has important negative consequences for health.We have seen that spending more than 6 hours sitting is associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases and with the increase in mortality ", according to Martínez.

"Obese people are more sedentary than the rest, but in many cases, they are not aware of the time they spend sitting and unaware of the consequences of it," added the doctor.

According to Martínez, the objective of the study was to know what is the majority profile of sedentary people with overweight and obesity, and what is their pattern of behavior, that is, what activities are those that make them sit longer and their motivation to move plus.

"It is important to intervene in the work, which is where we spend the most time and this is a subject that is not yet a priority, but we have to reduce the time we spend sitting," said the IDIAPJGol researcher.

58% of participants were women; the average age was 51.9 years; the majority of participants were married (76%), worked (54.7%), were manual employees (60%) and 48.7% had completed at least secondary education.

The most prevalent chronic diseases in the sample were hypertension (44.4%), and problems with cholesterol or triglycerides (dyslipidemia) in 41.2%.

The study has revealed that men spend more time sitting in general than women (64 minutes plus working days and 54 minutes plus non-working days), especially younger men, while those with secondary or higher education are 42 sitting minutes more per day than those with smaller studies.

34.3% of the sedentary time is dedicated to work or study, followed by the time spent watching television (33.5%) and using the computer at home (17.6%).

"Any increase in physical activity is potentially useful in reducing weight, and it is important that overweight patients become aware of how much time they spend sitting, what activities of their day-to-day life are harmful to their health, and what small things are that can change to reduce this time, beyond exercise and dieting, "according to the researcher.

Get up at work to talk on the phone or spend time periodically drinking water, walking in the office or going up and down stairs, or, at home, watching TV standing, getting up and walking during ads, taking out the dog or going to the Park with the children are some of the activities that Martinez recommends.


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