October 30, 2020

'45 revolutions', dreams of youth at full speed | TV

'45 revolutions', dreams of youth at full speed | TV

45 revolutions goes full speed. The characters speak very fast. The camera moves fast. The assembly prints even more speed, with the screen sometimes divided in two to show different shots. The spectator can not get lost. It is the rhythm of youth, of the changes of the sixties, the speed at which things changed (now they do it even faster).

The new Antena 3 series, produced by Bamboo, you can visually remember more to Fariña what a Velvet, to mention two of the recent titles of the producer. But it has its own identity thanks to the assembly and the camera recording on the shoulder. The brand of the house is formal care in all Bamboo products, Y 45 revolutions it is not less.

The story takes the viewer to 1962 to follow the adventures of three characters: Guillermo Rojas, executive who wants to open his own record label to launch young people who are bringing new airs from outside to music; Maribel, Golden Records secretary with a musical background and aspirations greater than it might seem; and Robert, an aspiring rock star who is looking for an opportunity by jumping spontaneously in one of the Price Mantinales. Three characters with ambitions and dreams that come together to try to make them a reality while the gray and the Social Political Brigade do not make things easy.

'45 revolutions', dreams of youth at full speed

With 45 revolutions, Antena 3 opens its series with chapters of 50 minutes (only has left Toy Boy pending release with a duration of 70 minutes), something that in this case, at least in the first episode -56 minutes-, is noticeable in the total absence of secondary frames: everything focuses on the three protagonists (actually, in two, because of Robert we still know little). However, the speed at which the dialogues and sequences follow one another does not get reflected in a story with enough hook. The first chapter only presents the characters, who remain in archetypes that need to gain volume in the next episodes so that the spectators can get hooked to them. In their favor they have to count on interpreters not very known: Guiomar Puerta, Carlos Cuevas and Iván Marcos. Fresh air in the loop of television interpreters in which we live lately.

Although it seems that the record industry will only be the excuse to tell a story of characters, it is striking the commitment to versions of current music themes with sixties airs in the soundtrack. Bad Romance of Lady Gaga or Human The Killers sound adapted to the time as a dramatic license to try to connect young people with the youth of that time with a somewhat peculiar result.

Without revolutionizing anything and staying perhaps a little below the high expectations generated, 45 revolutions It has the potential to exploit the elements that it has and that in the first chapter does not manage to take advantage of everything.


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