Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

45% of the population eats sushi once a month, according to Mercabarna

The super is gaining ground in front of the traditional channel when it comes to consuming fish, while 45% of the population eats sushi a minimum of once a month. They are some of the study data Indicators of purchase and consumption of seafood products, made by Aecoc Shopperview for Mercabarna.

When buying fish, the supermarket is a priority channel for 65% of users

The study shows that the Supermarket it is already the priority channel for the 65% of users when buying fish, compared to 32% who continue to do so in the traditional channel – which includes fishmongers at street level and those located in municipal markets – and only 3% who opt for online purchase.

The report indicates that the transfer of customers has accelerated in the last three years. 34% of respondents admit that, at this time, they have stopped going to the traditional stalls to make their purchases in the consumer chains.

The reasons for this change in habits have to do with the pace of life of consumers. 59% of respondents consider that they have a very busy day by day and justify the change from the traditional fish market to the supermarket for the convenience of making all your purchases in the same establishment (52%), for price (35%), for the proximity of the premises with respect to their homes (32%) and for the range of schedules offered by the chains (28%).

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