40% of consumers increase their spending on Internet purchases

40% of Spanish consumers acknowledge having increased their spending on purchases over the Internet and 30% say it has been maintained, according to a study by the French e-commerce company Veepee.

The study reveals that the majority of these purchases have been made through mobile devices, which have increased their use for purchases by 10%.

Gastronomy, toys and sporting goods have tripled their sales compared to the same period last year, when clothing, footwear and accessories were the best-selling products.

Veepee CEO Albert Serrano explained that this change in sales trend "parallels the new habits of the Spanish" during confinement.

Thus, according to the company, stationery and DIY items have multiplied their sales by four, beauty products have increased their sales by 10%, household goods by 16% and small appliances by 15%.

On the other hand, 70% of those surveyed affirm that they have decreased their purchases in fashion for various reasons, among which are the change of priorities (36%), avoiding courier services during confinement to reduce the mobility of people ( 29%) and savings (17%).

According to Veepee data, 80% of Spaniards have used the Internet to shop, 71% have done it to communicate with family and friends, 69% to stay up to date with the news, 63% to watch series and movies , 45% to telework and 42% to follow sports routines.


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