June 16, 2021

40.9% of Spaniards would support the republic in a referendum compared to 34.9% who would support the monarchy, according to a survey

A survey on the monarchy indicates that 40.9% of Spaniards would support the republic in a referendum, compared to 34.9% of the population who would opt for the monarchy, according to a survey. It also places the confidence of the Spanish in the monarchy below that approved with 4.3. The survey has been promoted by the Independent Media Platform and prepared by the opinion institute 40dB, after this body challenged the CIS to ask citizens about the monarchy, something it has not done since 2015.

The more than 3,000 interviews included in the survey were made after the numerous scandals of the king emeritus, Juan Carlos I, who has been in the United Arab Emirates since August 3. Among other matters, the Office of the Supreme Court Prosecutor is holding an investigation open with the aim of determining if the king emeritus committed money laundering and tax crime in relation to the AVE to Mecca. At the discretion of the Prosecutor’s Office, Juan Carlos I ceased to be protected by his inviolability when he abdicated in June 2014, and therefore, from that date on, possible crimes he may have committed can be investigated.


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