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3D medical technology, at the Scientific Christmas - The Province

3D medical technology, at the Scientific Christmas - The Province

The technology in three dimensions (3D) that revolutionizes medicine participates in the Scientific Christmas in the Canary Islands 2018, through free workshops that will impart the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria adapted to the informative format for students of compulsory secondary education (ESO) and baccalaureate of the Island , reported this Saturday from the regional government.

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The Medical and Audiovisual Technology Group of the University Institute of Research in Biomedical and Health Sciences (IUIBS) offers, from December 3 to December 21, a total of six workshops on 2d and 3d visualization techniques in medicine in various educational centers of Gran Canaria, among the first activities scheduled within the Scientific Christmas in Canarias 2018, which promotes the Ministry of Economy, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge of the Government of the Canary Islands, through the Canarian Agency for Research, Innovation and the Information Society (Aciisi).

Medical visualization techniques use computers to create three-dimensional photographs from a set of medical images, detailed from the Ministry of Education and Universities to point out that with the help of multidisciplinary teams, image and computer technicians, it is possible to better understand the organism, facilitate diagnosis, improve the therapeutic treatment of many diseases and also optimize the training of health professionals.

Thus, these workshops develop their content on the tools that are key in technology for clinical practice, so widely used today, and explain the possibilities of areas of interest such as 3D printing, virtual reality and the laparoscopy simulator, that coincide with different research lines of the IUIBS team in the framework of its MACbioIDi project of medical technology for sustainable development.

As modern medicine would not be possible without the advances in imaging and visualization techniques, in terms of 3D printing, the workshops include an introductory talk, a sample of 3D printed anatomical elements and practical applications of the processes, they completed the same sources through press release before remembering that the 3D printer allows to create anatomical models made from segmentations of a scanner. With this it is possible to work with real models for, for example, the training of researchers and medical students.

In addition, the workshops present different ways of viewing, including glasses virtual reality, and among all the participants a storm of ideas for new uses is made, both in medicine and in other fields, as well as including a laparoscopy simulator that allows young people to act as authentic surgeons, using laparoscopic forceps, and guided by the image represented on the computer screen.

The workshops are arranged with schools interested in this activity, and they are celebrated on the 3rd at the IES Alonso Quesada; on the 4th at the French Lyceum; on the 5th at the Atlantic School; on the 19th, at the IES Pérez Galdós; the 20th in San Ignacio de Loyola, and on December 21 in an educational center of Gran Canaria yet to be determined.

Scientific December

The Scientific Christmas in the Canary Islands are designed for all audiences, children, adults and families in full, will have character gratuitous and will be developed throughout the month of December in different locations of the Islands, in coordination with research centers, museums, universities and scientific societies, as well as organizations linked to the dissemination of science, technology and innovation.

The aim of this edition is to disseminate with practical activities the importance of science among young people and the general public of the Canary Islands, while enjoying knowing the latest trends in technological culture under the motto do it yourself.

All the information of the Scientific Christmas in Canarias 2018 can be consulted in the Portal of the Aciisi:


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