March 4, 2021

38% of Spaniards want to limit rents

37.7% of Spaniards are favorable to adopt a policy of limiting the price of rents, according to the latest CIS barometer. Regarding the promotion of rent, Spaniards point out as a favorite option the increase in security for the owner, guaranteeing the collection of rent (acceptance of 87.6% of the respondents), the construction or rehabilitation of housing for rent (86, 4%), increase resources to offer home ownership at accessible prices to the middle classes (84.4%) and the creation of a public housing park to rent (83.2%).

The survey also devotes several questions to the problem of occupation of empty houses or premises and, when asking about how the State should act in these occupations, 39% bet to immediately expel the assailant, 31.3% choose to give housing solution alternative and 22.7% is in favor of dialogue with the 'squatters' to find solutions.

Likewise, 18.9% claim to know cases in which a person has been 'squatted' their habitual residence after spending a few days away, for vacations or for other reasons (80.7% knows no case) and, If there is a usual case, 57.8% believe that squatters should be evicted immediately, and 27.3% within a maximum period of 48 hours, once they have been reported.


On the other hand, the survey reveals that the shortage of apartments for rent and the existence of speculation and the updating of rents are the main reasons pointed out by Spaniards to explain the rise in housing rents. 10.5% of Spaniards indicate the scarcity of flats as the first reason to explain the rise in prices and 9.2% point to speculation.

Asked if the rents in the area where they live are rising, remain stable or are falling, 20.9% of people surveyed consider that rents are rising a lot, 26.8% are rising somewhat, a 27.4% believe that they remain stable, and 1.5% believe that they are falling somewhat (1.2%) or much (0.3%).

Among the 47.7% of people who believe that the rents in their area are getting more expensive, the existence of speculation rises as one of the two main reasons for 35% of the respondents, followed by the general rise in prices ( 33.9%) and the shortage of apartments that are rented (32.7%).

On the other hand, more than half of Spaniards consider that rental flats in the area in which they live are expensive (35.8%) or very expensive (15.8%), while 23.9% believe that its price is adjusted, 5.7% believe that rents are cheap and 0.5% that are very cheap.

In addition, 81.8% of Spaniards are in favor of buying a home of their own, 66% consider that it is always better to buy than rent an apartment and 59.7% consider that buying a flat is the best way to save for the future.

The survey shows that only 18.4% of Spaniards live on rent, thus predominating those who live in their own home completely paid (44.4%) and their own, pending the payment of a mortgage (24.9%).

Among those who have opted for a rental house, the lack of sufficient income to face the purchase arises as the main reason (45%), followed by rent as a temporary solution until you can buy (14.9%), or rejection to face a mortgage (13.8%).

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