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38.4% of Spanish energy is renewable

Spain advanced in 2018 from sixth to fifth place in the European ranking of renewable electricity generation volume, being also the fourth country with the highest participation of these technologies with respect to its total generation.

Renewable technologies are called to be the future of the Spanish energy system to the detriment of fossil fuels. Wind power was in 2018 the leading renewable technology in our country, both in installed power and in production. This concentrated 19% of the total generation.

It was the technology that contributed the most in the generation structure, followed by hydraulics (13.1%), solar (4.7%) and other renewable ones, which produced almost 2% and grouped biogas technologies, biomass, geothermal, marine hydraulics, hydroelectric and renewable waste.

38.4% of Spanish energy is renewable

The renewable generation of Spain in 2018 stood seven percentage points above the rest of the EU countries.


It is the deadline established in Endesa's strategic plan to achieve total decarbonization.


MW of renewable energy was generated thanks to wind, rain and sun.

+ 19%

Increase in renewable energy production in 2018 compared to 2017.


The emissions associated with CO2 generation were reduced


This percentage of electricity will be produced in 2030 by renewables, according to the PNIEC.

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