March 6, 2021

37.7% of Spaniards support limiting rental prices, according to the CIS

37.7% of Spaniards support a policy of limiting the price of rents to protect the right to decent housing, as reflected in the latest barometer of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), for the month of June.

According to the survey published on Wednesday, which includes a battery of specific questions about housing, 81.8% of Spaniards prefer to buy a home to rent. Only 12.9% say that they prefer to live for rent and 3.5% do not care.

18.4% of the respondents say they live in rent: 15.6% in a rented home at market price and 2.8% in one at a price below the market price (for another home, company, administration or institution).

Among those who live on rent, 45% cite as the main reason not having enough income to buy a home. 13.8% said they did not want to be mortgaged and 8.5% said that it allows them more mobility. 14.9% said that it is a temporary solution to be able to buy and 6.4%, that the conditions and the rent of the house they have rented were "an opportunity".

66.4% of Spaniards agree with the statement that "it is always better to buy a flat than rent it" and only 31.3% think there are better investments than the purchase of a home. 59.7% share that "buying a flat is the best way to save for the future".

According to the survey, 90.2% of respondents believe that the right of Spaniards to decent housing "must be actively protected by the Spanish Government." Of these, 41.8% believe that limits should be placed on prices, as some large European capitals are already doing and as Podemos claimed during the negotiation of the recent decree law on rent measures.

According to the barometer, 83.2% of Spaniards support the creation of a public rental housing park. 29% of respondents are "very supportive" of this measure and 54.2% "in favor". 86% are committed to promoting the construction or rehabilitation of homes for rental purposes and 87.6% support increasing legal security for the landlord by guaranteeing the collection of rent.

The barometer shows that, in order to protect the right to decent housing, 38.3% believe that a sufficient public park of rental housing should be made available. 47.6% of respondents support the construction of social housing for those who have few economic resources. 45% believe that there should be cheap loans to buy homes and 42.3%, that the construction of housing with affordable prices for the middle class be encouraged.

The survey published on Wednesday also includes several questions related to the squatting of empty houses or premises. While 39% advocate immediately expelling the squatters, 31.3% are committed to having the State provide them with "alternative housing solutions" and 22.7%, because they can dialogue with them to find solutions. 18.9% of respondents say they know of a case of people who have 'squatted' their usual home after spending a few days out, on vacation or for other reasons.

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