August 3, 2021

36 months of preventive detention in Peru for exjuez detained in Spain

36 months of preventive detention in Peru for exjuez detained in Spain

A Peruvian judge today handed down 36 months of pre-trial detention against former Judge César Hinostroza, fugitive and detained in Spain, for allegedly leading a criminal organization that negotiated perks and favors in the Peruvian judiciary.

Judge Hugo Núñez Julca, head of the Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation, ordered the preventive detention filed by the Supreme Prosecutor, Jesús Fernández, for the alleged commission of the crimes of illegal sponsorship, influence peddling, incompatible negotiation and criminal organization.

Hinostroza, 62, has been designated as leader of the criminal network "The white neck of the port", after the revelation last July of a dozen audios where the exjuez is heard, today a fugitive from Peruvian justice, to negotiate, between Other cases, a penalty reduction to a rapist of a minor.

The incarcerated exjuez remains until now imprisoned in the Madrid prison Soto del Real, while it is decided on his extradition to Peru for analogous crimes in Spain to those belonging to a criminal organization, influence peddling and negotiations prohibited to officials, as indicated in the prison car.

Hinostroza was arrested in Madrid on Friday, where he tried to seek asylum after having circumvented a judicial prohibition he had to leave his country.

However, it was later learned that the ex-judge left the country on October 7 through the border with Ecuador, with the complicity, among other people, of the officer of the migration office Yhenifferd Bustamante Moretti, 33 years old.

Precisely this Sunday the Public Ministry reported that Bustamante was delivered that same day to the authorities of the Tumbes region, in northern Peru.

On it weighs a request for preventive detention of 72 hours requested by the Office of the Prosecutor, for which it was already transferred to the dungeons of the Judiciary, as part of the investigation for the alleged crimes of personal cover-up and omission of functions.


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