August 11, 2020

36 hours in line to see Rosalia | Culture

It was 16.30 in the afternoon and Rosalia I was alone on the empty stage of the WiZink Center repeatedly asking for the seriousness of his voice while everything on the street is a strange combination of illusion and tension. There was little left for the climax to a memorable year. All the success that has been reaped in the last 12 months, which is currently the most international and recognized Spanish singer, also resulted in huge expectations on Tuesday before her last concert of the year. Hours before his performance in Madrid, the last of the tour of Evil wanting, the album that catapulted her to global fame, going from being an artist of the Spanish independent circuit to rubbing shoulders with planetary stars like Dua Lipa, J Balvin or Pharrel Williams, the WiZink Center was a hotbed of nerves.

Around the pavilion, the queues of fans multiplied while celebrities of all conditions attended the meeting, from the acting Minister of Culture, José Guirao, to Real Madrid footballers as Sergio Ramos or Marcelo, going through familiar faces of the Spanish show like Belén Esteban or influencers like Melissa Villarreal and Grace Weber.

Among a crowd of young people, there was the first of the Esther Rodríguez line, who arrived a day before the concert at the WiZink Center. Accompanied by her cousin, this 21-year-old girl stood with her boss in front of the enclosure door on Monday at 11 am He was in line for about 36 hours, dressed in sleeping bags, blankets, hats and pajamas. "Lined," he commented. His cousin went to work first thing on Tuesday and returned in the afternoon for the concert. They had never slept in the street to see any musician, but with Rosalia there was no doubt. Esther told me to listen to the song Badly It changed his life. “What I like most about her is the rhythm she has. It motivates you and encourages you to dance, ”he explained with his pink coat and covered by a blanket.

Sergio and Rodrigo are both 18 years old and arrived on Tuesday at 6.00. Sergio met Rosalia after his cousin sent him a video shortly after publishing Evil want. "I saw the person with the most personality I had ever seen," he said. He made Rodrigo a fan, who was captivated by her for his way of relating to his followers on Instagram. "Is the most. What happens that, when in this life someone is famous and triumphs for himself, it is best to criticize for envy, ”he said. "No one really knows her," Esther added, sitting ahead of them in a row where fans, wrapped up to the eyebrows, ate sandwiches and chips, played cards, put on makeup like Rosalia and listened to their songs on portable speakers. . “Badly and kindly. We are here because she is the best and makes us feel better people, ”shouted Adela, a 25-year-old girl, a private teacher who arrived at 9:00, skipping for a day her usual routine of giving school reinforcement classes to children.

The singer of Sant Esteve Sesrovires, nominated for two Grammy for best artist and best Latin album of urban music in the awards that will be awarded next February, said goodbye for an indefinite season of the stages after a tour unstoppable, which has taken her to the main Spanish festivals such as Primavera Sound, Mad cool and BBK, but also internationals such as Coachella or Lollapalooza, as well as galas such as the Goya, Los 40, MTV Awards or the Latin Grammy.

In the sound tests, in an empty WiZink Center, Rosalia worried about the last details. "Those bass obscure my voice," he repeated again and again, alone on a stage that would presumably be full of lights and full capacity. She was reviewing the bass in the meantime, outside, on the street, everyone was oblivious to the concern of an artist who has starred in an incomparable feat in the history of Spanish music.


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