358 million users followed the Benidorm Fest final on networks

Apart from the controversies for the support of the juryor, which ended up placing Chanel as the representative of Spain in Eurovision, The data that little by little is being known about the Benidorm Fest does not cease to surprise day after day and exceed the initial expectations of the organization. A report prepared by Visit Benidorm, the public-private entity in charge of promoting the tourist capital of the Costa Blanca, figures in 358 million users the impact that the final gala of the event had on social networks, which was held last Saturday and which, moreover, was the most watched television program in prime time. The study proves, therefore, that the promotion of the city thanks to this first edition of the contest "exceeded all forecasts" and generated an "invaluable" scope, according to the assessment made by Leire Bilbao, manager of the body.

How much would it have cost to carry out an advertising campaign that would have had a similar impact? Although the amount is difficult to calculate, Bilbao estimated this Tuesday at 13.3 million euros the money that the Generalitat Valenciana and the Benidorm City Council, the main sponsors of the Benidorm Fest, would have had to invest to reach those 358 million users that they received in your Twitter "timeline" tweets, posts, videos or other content that included the hashtag #BenidormFest. That is to say, 11 euros for each euro that both administrations invested in the organization of the event: 1 million euros that the Generalitat contributed, which were mainly to pay for the technical part of the assembly at the Palau d'Esports, where the three galas were held ; and another 200,000 that the City Council allocated and that were used mainly to pay the accommodation and transport costs of participants, professionals and technicians in the destination itself.

Bilbao recalls that, both in the two semi-finals and in the final gala#BenidormFest was a global trending topic and, also, in Spain and twelve other countries, including France, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Italy, United Kingdom or Sweden. And that without counting the repercussion that other labels related to the festival also had, such as the names of some of the participants, mainly Rigoberta Bandini or Tanxugueiras, the favorites of the public and who were also among the most commented topics on Twitter, TikTok, Youtube or Twitch.

Where was the event followed the most? Galicia was, by far, the autonomous community where the Benidorm Fest had the most pull, due to the effect of the «Tanxu». The trio of pandereteiras and their Terra made the Galicians almost half of all the viewers who followed the final gala live —49.5%—, while in the first semifinal, in which the trio also sang, the audience in Galicia was 24.4%. Murcia and the Valencian Community were the other two autonomous communities where the final was followed the most, with audiences of 28.7 and 24.9% respectively and, also, the two semifinals, although in the case of Thursday's gala, Murcia surpassed to Galicia in public, with 21.2% of the total public sitting in front of the television.

However, although these are data that, without a doubt,now they will serve Visit Benidorm to plan other promotions, Leire Bilbao highlighted that the television impact of this event goes far beyond the galas themselves: "We appeared on a lot of RTVE programs, on the weekend newscasts, and on programs from all the channels. It's something that was very difficult to achieve and that Benidorm Fest has achieved."

Finally, among the data from the Visti Benidorm report, it is also striking that the vast majority of the public that followed the gala, both on television and on social networks, was very young people, one of the tourist markets with the most potential for Benidorm. , which is already a reference destination for families and the elderly, but which has long since lost the youngest along the way and has been trying to recover it for years with other actions, such as the Low Festival. Specifically, 3.4% of the audience is between 18 and 24 years old; and another 47.7%, from 25 to 34.

The PP asks about the minutes of the jury and the relationship with Chanel

The PP asked RTVE yesterday through the Senate when he became "aware of the links" between Chanel, winner of the Benidorm Fest, and one of the members of the jury, and why he did not take measures to remove her from the decision-making process. For the second day, the discrepancies between the popular and demographic vote and that of the professional jury in the program have reached the Chambers, where Galicia in Common (United We Can) and BNG registered questions on Monday.

The PSPV reiterates that the Benidorm Fest has been positive due to its impact in Europe, Spain and the Community


The PP remarks that "there has been great popular discontent, publicly questioning the voting procedure" which highlights "the lack of credibility of the system, because in the end, despite the fact that the public has to spend money on voting, sees that it is the jury that has the final weight in the decision". The PP asks that the broken down votes of each of the members of the jury for each song be made known and asks if RTVE is going to adopt any measure "so that such a discrepancy between the criteria of the public and that of the jury does not occur again professional".

The spokesman for the PSOE in Congress, Héctor Gómez, recalled yesterday that RTVE has opened a space to analyze the voting process and is confident that "from there" the best decisions will be made within the corporation. "We are always going to bet on culture and on the participation of citizens," remarked Gómez. And the spokeswoman for the PSOE in the Senate, Eva Granados, considered that "it doesn't make much sense" that the "twitching to which the PP is accustomed" has been taken "to the contests and television contests."

Matas a Compromís: "Never has a million from the Generalitat generated so much expectation"


In the Valencian Community, the socialist mayor in Les Corts, Manolo Mata, affirmed, after having accused Ximo Puig the previous day of Compromís of using the festival as an "advertising platform for his political projection", that the Benidorm Fest has been positive and celebrated that the Generalitat commits to initiatives like this that generate repercussions "not only in the Community, but also in Spain and all of Europe". He also stressed that such a festival helps deseasonalize tourism and advance "emotional recovery." "Never has a million from the Generalitat generated so much expectation and so many turns that people have hit," said Mata. From Compromís, the deputy spokesperson Mónica Álvaro asked about the impact of the festival on the Valencian audiovisual.

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