333 candidates and only one lucky person

A woman covers a primitive. // VÍCTOR ECHAVE

La Primitiva millionaire has an owner and the National Police believe they have identified it. Years of investigation have led the agents to a single person who always used the same numbers of the manual bets that accompany the ticket awarded with 4.7 million euros – an automatic bet. This bettor, according to credit card studies and geolocation systems, was in Alfonso Molina’s Carrefour when the tickets were sealed in June 2012 and in a supermarket near San Agustín shortly after they were checked in the administration . The man has already passed away.

Since the millionaire ticket was deposited in September 2013 at the City Council and the finding was published in the Official Gazette of the Province, 333 plaintiffs have assured that this award belongs to them. The first claimant on record, according to the police report, is a man who asked the Spanish Society of State Lotteries and Gambling (Selae) for the prize to be paid., claiming that he presented the ticket for consultation at the San Agustín administration but it was not returned. La Selae rejected his application due to the “dissimilarities” between what was claimed and reality.

The Police thus initiated an investigation by means of which they verified in different locations in Spain stamps and charges with the combinations of numbers that the presumed owner had used in the manual bets that accompanied the automatic, which was the winner. Numbers used 49 seconds after the first collection presentation in the San Agustín administration. Bets that were repeated in different offices in the city and in other locations to which the rightful owner had gone on a trip with his wife. In those periods of time, the numbers disappeared from the bets of A Coruña and were registered in other cities.

To verify this, the agents requested data and documentation from multiple companies, Security Forces and Bodies and also departments of various administrations. Flights, hotels and financial transactions were analyzed over the years. They also asked for data on housing rentals, municipal register and police identifications. Everything to find the true owner of the winning ticket.

The Police were discarding candidates using geographical locations at the time of stamping and collecting bets and telephone positioning. With a smaller pool of potential winners, 091 began a more thorough check and confirmed that the owner was at Alfonso Molina’s Carrefour at the time of purchase of the four tickets and in the vicinity of San Agustín after checking.

Once identified, the Police tried to locate him, but had to inform his family, as the man died in 2014, a year and a half after he played his Primitiva in the draw on June 26, 2012. According to police sources, the widow and the family did not know that the man was the owner of the millionaire ticket and did not even suspect it. The magistrate of the Court of Instruction number 8 concludes in a recent order that the facts may constitute an alleged crime of misappropriation, for which she agrees to follow the case against the San Agustín lottery – who claims to have found the winning ticket when it was alone in his office—, his brother —Delegate of Loterías in A Coruña— and four other senior officials from Loterías del Estado.


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