January 22, 2021

«33», the musical that the Pope would like

«33», the musical that the Pope would like

It may seem like a simple numbers game. Or not. It may seem "33 The musical" the classic auto sacramental of Jesus. Or not. It may seem a coincidence that Toño Casado, priest, author and musician, found the work at 33, fourteen years ago in time, do not take account, the mystery is better. There are 33 characters that go through the stage of a major work, which has not only become a super production, but also has raised a theater (in Ifema) for its staging. And there are a hundred professionals who decipher the mystery. Or they succeed. A year of work was left behind on the opening day. The day the stars met, that afternoon when the circle was closed: "a group of crazy people came together to make a madness and at the same time other crazy people enjoyed it too and that became contagious, because it also happens to be contagious the good, not only the bad ", says more than a month later Toño Casado, priest, author and musician, and director of 33 El Musical in the theater, along with Christian Escuredo, the protagonist who plays Jesus. It is Toño the same as one day dreamed of putting this adventure in motion. One year of work, sixty days of rehearsals and a spectacular staging: "There are people who come to see a sacramental car, error; There are those who think that they come to see a very provocative work, error. «33» is a very fun, exciting family musical, with a lot of spark and messages to make people think and with an extraordinary quality. It is a Broadway musical for the scenery, the actors, the musicians, the creative and production team, the stage of David Pizarro and Roberto del Campo, which is incredible. All of wood, the wood of the carpenter and the cross, is very warm and has many surprises », maintains Casado who admits:« This musical has two handicaps when it comes to selling it. One is that a priest has written it and that there are already people who are prejudiced … And another is that it belongs to Jesus and many people will think what the Maccabee roll will get me and people will find something really surprising ».

How could it be otherwise, Jesus is the protagonist of «33», played by an enigmatic Christian Escuredo, able to captivate the public in that trip that undertakes during the work and that flies accompanied by the public from beginning to end. «I am crazy about the preparations of the characters, because I am a madman of my trade, but what happens to me with Jesus is that he is such a powerful and beautiful character that I do not feel like disconnecting from him, because he does me a lot of good» Escuredo confesses a couple of hours before starting another show … «In this musical I can not reveal many things so as not to make a spoiler, but I attach a lot to the spectator and the public's response, the energy, is evident. Hence, you can do many functions and never get bored ».

At «33» the musical is not preceded by urgency or urgency, on the contrary, everything is millimeter-sized, measured and tasted and it shows in the more than two and a half hours of show. "We rehearsed for two months, but I had a lot of time to prepare the character, talk with Toño, go deeper into Christian readings and I wanted to go to the Holy Land, go through the real scenery and the truth is that the process has been very interesting … Leave The West and approaching Galilee impressed me a lot and I talked to people who valued the historical Jesus a lot who was perhaps a little away from religion and spoke to you about how interesting the figure had been. It filled me so much that to this day I am still dropping chips of all that lived and felt process, even in a walk through the Prado watching certain works or when I act », maintains the protagonist of the work.

"Jesus is not something archaeological, what happens to him touches us many, we come from this. His story could be very well ours, that of friends, passion for others, betrayal … It is a musical that would love the Pope and I think he agrees with him. Even tango appears and that has nothing to do, "says Toño.

Almost a couple of months ago it was released "33" and given the success they have decided to extend until March 17. Far away is that night before the premiere: "I remember the nightmares, dream that I was left blank, wake up with the songs or a text in a loop. I think that happens to everyone. The other day I was combing my hair and one of the sastras asked me what I could do not to wake up every day with the same song, "says Christian. Today is also function day and, although there are a couple of hours left for the beginning, he retires: "We have to warm up the body, the voice … The head also the brake … Any ritual? I light a candle. If I do not do it, I'm missing something. It is a way to honor, you put many things into play, there is death … ». The curtain will open later. More than two hours of function. «33». The musical. The mistery.


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