November 26, 2020

33 of the 46 members of the Fuenlabrada expedition receive the epidemiological discharge – La Provincia

The health authorities in the A Coruña area have confirmed this Friday that the results of the tests carried out yesterday by the microbiology laboratory on the members of the expedition of the CF Fuenlabrada confirm today that “33 of them cause epidemiological discharge, complying with the health protocol. “

Health sources clarify that people who cause epidemiological discharge already they are not bound to isolation and are free to move.

The expedition of the Madrid soccer team, Made up of a total of 46 people, it has been confined since Monday July 20 in a hotel in A Coruña after detecting up to 18 active cases of Covid-19 among the soccer players and technicians displaced to A Coruña to play a soccer match against Deportivo, finally suspended after learning the positives in the Madrid delegation.

As reported by health sources, upon receiving the epidemiological discharge and complying with the health protocol, these 33 people can leave the NH Finisterre hotel in A Coruña, while the remaining 13 will be followed carrying out follow-up controls telephone. Based on the information gathered on the evolution of the patient, the decision is made whether to repeat the tests by the microbiology laboratory.

The sources consulted indicate that there is no calculation on how many more days the 13 members of Fuenlabrada who have not yet received an epidemiological discharge will have to be confined.

Fuenlabrada indicated on Wednesday that the evolution of all the members of the expedition in recent days had been “very good” and therefore raised the possibility that the suspended match against Deportivo will be held from Sunday.

Waiting to know the results confirmed today, The Madrid club already expressed yesterday its confidence that some of its players, coaches and employees can start to leave the city now. and the isolation they have been in since last Monday. For this reason they also requested a new postponement, the second, of the statements before the investigating judge of the file opened by Competition. Ricardo Esteban Díaz Sánchez decided yesterday to park the appearance of the President of Fuenlabrada, Jonathan Praena; the doctor, Juan Manuel Blanco Navarro; the coach, José Ramón Sandoval; the player Hugo Fraile and his representative, Rodrigo Fernández Lovelle.

The investigating judge of the Federation in charge of the disciplinary proceedings against Fuenlabrada for the suspension of his match against Deportivo yesterday issued his first precautionary measure and proposed to the Competition Committee to declare that match lost for Madrid residents for what he understands as ” serious alteration of good sports order “. With this measure, Ricardo Esteban Díaz Sánchez, in charge of the procedure initiated against the Fuenlabreño team, leaves the door open to new sanctions after confirming the “affectation to the integrity of the competition” and no further punishments, such as relegation, are ruled out.


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