Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

32 admitted patients and no new cases of listeriosis are down

The number of admitted to public, concerted and private hospitals in Andalusia for listeriosis has dropped to 32 patients, two less than Wednesday, of which fourteen are pregnant, one less than the previous day, and no new cases of Listeria monocytogenesy infection.

The cultures made to the newborn that was under study have been negative so the infection is ruled out, as reported by the Andalusian Ministry of Health.

In public hospitals, 29 people with confirmed infection or suspected infection are admitted, two less than the previous day, of which two patients are in the ICU, as was the case on Wednesday.

There have been no new abortions, no newborns with infection or deaths, so the balance of this outbreak of listeriosis remains in three deaths and seven abortions.

Twenty of the 32 hospitalized are admitted to hospitals in Seville (22 the day before); 1 in Huelva, 5 in Cádiz, 2 in Málaga, 1 in Granada and none in Almería, Córdoba and Jaén.

The number of admitted to private and concerted hospitals remains in three, two in Seville and one in Cádiz, including none pregnant and a patient continues to be admitted to the ICU.

The number of confirmed cases is maintained at 214, after no new one has been detected in the last twenty-four hours, "which reaffirms that the outbreak is in remission since August 23," according to the Junta de Andalucía.

The distribution by provinces of the number of confirmed cases shows that the outbreak is concentrated in the province of Seville, with 175 cases representing 82% of the total, followed by Huelva (17), Cádiz (11), Málaga (6) and Pomegranate (5).

The extension of treatment to asymptomatic pregnant women who had eaten the contaminated food is carried out at a good pace and with data closed at noon yesterday, 29,600 pregnant women had already been contacted and recommended treatment with oral amoxicillin to 1,443 women.

The spokesman of the technical cabinet for the monitoring of listeriosis, Dr. José Miguel Cisneros, has indicated that the data "continue to show that the outbreak is in remission for the sustained reduction in the number of new cases of infection and hospitalized patients."

He also noted that the intervention launched last week to reduce the risk in asymptomatic pregnant women who had eaten the contaminated food will be completed in the next few days.

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