Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

300 NGOs ask the Government to guarantee universal health via emergency | Society

300 NGOs ask the Government to guarantee universal health via emergency | Society

Amnesty International, Yo Sí Universal Healthcare and Médicos del Mundo, together with 300 organizations, scientific and collective societies integrated in the Reder platform, they have asked the Government to approve, by urgent means, a regulation that guarantees a totally universal sanity.

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In a letter sent to the Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, the organizations asked that she announce at the next Council of Ministers the approval of the development regulation of the Royal Decree-Law 7/2018 on universal access to the National Health System. And they do, according to Reder, because the rule is necessary to guarantee this access under the same conditions to all people who are in Spain, before the dissolution of the courts on March 5, which will paralyze the processing of the rule as a bill.

According to the signatory entities, "the absence of this regulation means that numerous cases of excluded persons continue to be produced, many of which are particularly serious, as has been reflected in numerous reports." Among them have been reported recently cases such as people who come to Spain for family reunification. Since they are not illegal entries, they are required to have health insurance that covers their care. There have also been cases of women who have realized that they were pregnant when they arrived in Spain. In that case, having not passed the three months of residence required to make the stay illegal, the same regulations applied to tourists, and they were required to take out insurance from their country of origin.

In the letter, the organizations point out that although the approval of the royal decree-law was an important step, "This was insufficient, and from the first moment it was alerted that universality had important cracks where sanitary exclusion continued to filter". Therefore, they estimate that it is "urgent to develop the necessary regulation". The organizations remind that the recommendations made to the autonomous communities are not mandatory, so that health exclusion practices are not avoided and the numerous situations of exclusion reported are not addressed.

In the letter sent to Health, the two fundamental axes in which the regulation must be repaired are indicated. The first, the guarantee of care from public funds to pregnant women, minors, asylum seekers and victims of trafficking. The second, that the proof that the person lives in Spain can not be subject exclusively to the census because of the difficulty that it entails for many people to obtain it. Instead, they consider valid any means of proof admitted by law, such as certificates of schooling of minors in their charge, receipts or documents issued by social organizations.

The organizations also remember the need to recognize the right to the health card of the elderly - parents, mothers, grandparents and grandmothers - who have arrived in Spain as a result of a legal process of family reunification.


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