Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

300 Italian children can not attend school because they are not vaccinated | Society

300 Italian children can not attend school because they are not vaccinated | Society

This week about 300 children from Bologna (Italy) can not return to the nursery because the moratorium that allowed children to not be vaccinated has ended, as reported by The New York Times. This measure, predictably, will also affect hundreds of children from other regions.

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Do not vaccinate children, with the danger of spreading diseases that this entails, became a fashion in Italy -many vaccines fell five, six or seven points in a few years - to the point that the Executive of the Democratic Party forced to decree that the children who enroll had put a minimum of ten vaccines. But last year the Ministry of Health, governed by the Five Star Movement, imposed a moratorium that allowed schoolchildren to register without a certificate attesting that they were immunized. The authorization ends now. Parents are subject to fines of 500 euros

The Minister of Health Giulia Grillo, speaking to the official agency ANSA, has warned of the risk of measles epidemic: "There is a need to take mandatory measures, but we must also work to convince the Italians that getting vaccinated is good for their health, not imposing it." ANDMeasles broke out in 2017 in Italy, which has since registered 7,500 cases and a dozen deaths.

In Spain, where 97% of children are vaccinated, it is not compulsory to be vaccinated but more and more nurseries require it to enter. Now Galicia wants to become the third community autonomous of Spain that requires children to be vaccinated to be able to enter their public children's schools. In Castilla y León and Extremadura this requirement is in force since 2012.

The World Health Organization (WHO) criticized last September that "There is a lot of misinformation" in some countries and sectors, with parents believing in "discredited reports" that some vaccines cause autism. WHO anticipates that "the world will suffer another flu pandemic ". It does not refer to each winter, but to a much more serious one of which "the only thing that is not known is when it will attack and how badly".


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