30 of every January 24 I feel like dying "

30 of every January 24 I feel like dying "

The appointment with Antonio takes place in a cafeteria in Toledo at an hour when the cold and the shadows join to conquer the streets. I find him sitting in a corner, with his head down, avoiding being the center of attention, playing between his fingers with an unlit cigarette. But nevertheless, he can not prevent a countryman from approaching him and transmitting all his affection: «Courage, lots of encouragement», he repeats. «Surely you will find your daughter». Antonio responds with gratitude. He always does. The conversation seems finished, but the man doubts. He does not want to leave without saying something else. «Listen to what I tell you, these little boys will rot in hell. I curse them, "he announces by way of consolation before saying goodbye. The two phrases represent what Spain has been thinking about for the last ten years in the case of Marta del Castillo. Solidarity and affection for parents whose lives were broken and whose wound does not just hurt. And also absolute contempt for those who murdered his daughter and refuse to reveal where they have hidden his body.

Antonio explains that he is in Toledo because he has moved his company from Seville for work needs and that if he grants this interview it is because it is December of 2018 and there is more than a month to complete a decade of the murder of his daughter. "I get up every January 24 trying not to think about anything, as if it were another day, because if I do not break. In the first years in my company, they made a stop of five minutes the whole factory. We left the workers outside the ship and we were silent. I was very grateful, but I felt terrible. I spoke with the director and asked him to please remove it. Then I started asking for my day off, but I stopped doing it because I have nothing to celebrate. It is a very painful day. I would like for January 24 to be a normal day. A day in which I do not sink into misery. I avoid looking at the clock, but at 5.30 I feel like I'm dying. That is the time I saw her for the last time ». I notice that Antonio's eyes are becoming more and more watery. Years ago he could not have stopped the tears from showing his pain, but after ten years he seems to have managed to master them. Still, I leave sentimental level to ask him about the facts: "I believe the last statement of Miguel Carcaño in which he says that there is a fight in the living room of the house with his brother Francisco Javier. My daughter intervenes to defend Miguel. It is pulled by the brother from behind. He takes him by the neck. And this one, when being caught by the neck, removes the revolver by the belt and hits it several times. Miguel also says that he is beaten with her. I believe that they killed her between the two ». I wonder why Francisco Javier would have put the pistol in his belt. "I was going to work," says Antonio, "but not as a security guard, but in his bar and carrying the gun," Miguel told the police, "because he had been robbed at the bar some time before. In addition, Cuco in his statement to the police stated that he knew that Miguel's brother had a gun because he had seen her. " The sequence of Marta's death in which Antonio believes continues like this: "Then comes the Cuckoo and is found dead in the living room. Francisco Javier threatens him. I do not know if the child ran away or could leave, but went to the booth and called Samuel to tell him the movie. While Francisco Javier goes to his ex-wife Rosa's house and asks him for the car to get rid of the corpse. That lady, in my opinion, gives him an alibi because, although he had abandoned her, Rosa was deeply in love with him. Also because they have a daughter together and because the house belonged to them both at that moment and if the culpability of Miguel's brother had been proven they would have lost it to pay the civil responsibility. What I have no idea is where Marta is. There was a time when I believed in the Majaloba, but I do not know what to think anymore. You can not be far away because you did not have time. "

Ten years later many unknowns are still not clear and many behaviors without understanding: "In my opinion, the role of María García Mendaro is essential. I am convinced that she knows much more than she says. I arrived at Miguel's house around 00:45, I know because I called my wife from there and the time was reflected on the bill. The house is completely dark and the blinds are down. In theory, she said, she was studying inside, but I beat the blind and no one answers. He says he did not hear anything. But it is also that a neighbor saw Miguel after a half past one with a wheelchair in the portal. The chair had taken her out of the house and he did not see or hear him either. It does not seem like a credible version to me, "he says. I look at his eyes and they look like a desert, dry and hot. «That dawn Susana, the mother of Alejandra, knocks on the door of Miguel Carcaño and there is Francisco Javier. The house stinks of bleach, of having cleaned thoroughly. Maria smelled that like the rest, but nothing to comment on. I do not know if everyone is silent because of the fear that Francisco Javier gives them, or in the case of María because she was in love to the core or I do not know, but what I'm sure of is that a group of people gathered that night cowardly, dishonest and without empathy. None has had the courage to face their responsibility ».

In the backpack of pain that bends Antonio's back, and it seems that they only relieve the cigarettes that are hanging from the lips too often, there are also criticisms for the Police and Justice: "They say they are still investigating, but for me to believe them It is an act of faith because they do not tell me anything. Also, look for example in the case of Diana Quer: the instruction has lasted more than a year. The Civil Guard did a fine, meticulous job. In my case, in just three months everything is over. There was no corpse or anything, but it seemed they were in a hurry to close it. My lawyer believed the version of the violation when it is seen in the videos that there is no where to take it », complains bitterly Antonio. «Thus they avoided being judged by a popular jury. But the thing is that judges are also traca. We have two sentences. One of Cuckoo's trial for being minor and one of the rest who were of legal age. And, if you read the proven facts of one sentence and the other, my daughter died in some circumstances in one sentence and in the second of others. Because they do not agree, they are not even able to agree on the time when they took my daughter's body from the house of Leo XIII. "

Antonio remains silent. From the time I know him, I know there are times when you have to let him breathe with his thoughts. After a few seconds, he looks me in the eyes: "I do not care anymore. There was a time that I was blinded by anger. I just wanted convictions. The biggest ones Now I just want to have some peace for my family and for me. Please, I beg to let me have my daughter's bones. Nothing else".


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