May 27, 2020

25 people prosecuted for loving tennis matches – La Provincia

The judge of the National Court José de la Mata has prosecuted 25 people who were allegedly part of a plot dedicated to rigging tennis matches and then placing illegal bets on houses around the world, through which they would have obtained a profit of more than 3.6 million euros.

In the order of transformation in abbreviated procedure, the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 5 imputes crimes of corruption between individuals, fraud, money laundering, usurpation of civil status and criminal organization, notwithstanding that in the framework of the procedure They can add others.

Those investigated, among which there are professional tennis players, agreed to, "in exchange for price, alter the normal course of the game, letting yourself lose games, sets, games or points, in accordance with what was unlawfully agreed, to ensure the result of insurance bets made by the members of the organization, which benefited from the prizes obtained. "

Among the accused are the tennis players Marc Fornell –who would be one of the 'leaders' of the plot–, Enrique López, Marcos Torralbo, Jordi Marsé and Marcos Giraldi, but family members, intermediaries, investors and identity transferors were also involved.

According to the magistrate, they would have performed in competitions both in Spain and in other countries such as Iran, Egypt, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia, Poland, Germany, Morocco, France, Ukraine, Hungary or the Netherlands.

The 'modus operandi' described by the judge in his car recounts a first step that would be "the corruption of the sporting event, either through privileged information or corrupting the tennis players directly", after which they would have resorted to the "incorporation of usurped identities, that is, of identities obtained, usurped, stolen or created in a surreptitious and illegal way. "

With these false identities two differentiated groups were created with those that operated: those used for bookmakers and the holders of the accounts of the means of payment.

Once they completed this phase, they made winning bets and incorporated the benefits obtained to the accounts of the means of payment, to subsequently carry out the extraction, distribution and incorporation of the different members of the criminal organization to the patrimony.

The last step of this plot, explains De la Mata, was to look for "equity investment actions with which to mask illicit profits and get to introduce undeclared money into regular monetary traffic."


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