25% of freshwater fish in danger of extinction

25% of freshwater fish in danger of extinction

Communities around the world "no longer have anything to eat" due to the scarcity of freshwater fish, their main source of protein, a fact that shows that one in four freshwater fish species is in danger of extinctionas explained to Efe the director of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Grethel Aguilar.

In the context of the Climate Summit, the IUCN has published an update to its Red List of threatened species, which for the first time addressed the situation of freshwater fish.

«There are many communities that are already suffering the attacks of not having enough to feed themselves and by not having it, they lose their main source of protein," said the Costa Rican in an interview in Dubai.

The director of the IUCN warned that "this is very serious" and that It has an "impact on the ecosystem" that directly affects human beings: "It is an issue that impacts the quality of life and health of the most vulnerable communities," he noted.

"What are the communities that depend on those rivers, that depend on those species, going to feed themselves," the person in charge asked, adding that the world should not be losing biodiversity.

«Unfortunately we lose species because as human beings we are not behaving well. And we are losing the most precious thing we have and with that, endangering our own existence," he stated.

First comprehensive assessment of the world's freshwater fish species reveals that 3,086 of the 14,898 species analyzed (25%) are at risk of extinction. Total, Some 2,000 species have been included in the “endangered” category of extinction compared to the latest IUCN evaluation. Of them, at least 17% are affected due to climate change due to decreased flows, a greater presence of seawater in rivers or the changes it causes in the seasons.

Added to this are the threats by pollution, which affects 57% of freshwater fish species at risk of extinction; dams and water extraction (affect 45%), overfishing (25%) and invasive species and diseases (33%).

Freshwater fish represent more than half of the known fish species in the world.