25-minute meeting in the dressing room of Madrid: «You have to wake up»

25-minute meeting in the dressing room of Madrid: «You have to wake up»

For 25 minutes before training, the Real Madrid players and the coach have met to make things clear and to try redirect the situation, which begins to be serious in the league, without a goal and 10 points from Barcelona, now that the first round of the season is over. As almost always happens in these meetings, the one who has spoken the most has been the captain Sergio Ramos, who already warned after the defeat against the Royal Society that you had to say things to your face, without fear. He is the authoritative voice of the white wardrobe, the captain, whom everyone hears. Modric has also been heard, who is very clear that something is failing in Madrid and that the fault has stopped being the coach and it's totally from the players. Modric has acknowledged that it is not in its best form, as it also happens to other teammates. The message that has come out of the brief meeting that can not afford mistakes in the first minutes of the matches, that you have to be focused, because the team has a hard time scoring goals and receiving them penalizes too much. "You have to wake up", is what has been heard.

Afterwards, the players have left to train and the atmosphere has been the same as always. Madrid play on Wednesday against Leganés with a desire to rematch after the Cup match last season the whole of Madrid's south eliminated Zidane's team winning at the Santiago Bernabéu, perhaps at the most critical moment of the Frenchman in charge of the costumes and according to his own words, the first day in which the idea of ​​changing the air emerged.

The Cup was the competition of rotations, but it may now have become a main tournament because the League is becoming impossible. The game becomes important because you have to see if the meeting of the players has served for something and if Solari will continue to make decisions in the team. The players have recognized that they do not go through their best moment and have said things to their faces. But it remains to know if they will be able to endure some games on the bench. Madrid needs to react before the Champions League begins.


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