August 3, 2021

'22, again ', the announcement of the Christmas Lottery 2018 | TV

'22, again ', the announcement of the Christmas Lottery 2018 | TV

This Wednesday the theme of the announcement of the 2018 Christmas Lottery, that will be held on December 22nd and that will distribute 2,380 million euros in prizes, the same amount as last year. The director of this year's short film, entitled 22, again, is Javier Ruiz Caldera (Barcelona, ​​1976), who has directed films as Anacleto: Secret agent (2012) or 3 more weddings (2013). The video, which lasts about five and a half minutes – the television version is three and a half minutes – is an adaptation of the film Caught in time (1993), directed by Harold Ramis. The short film is played by Juan, played by Luis Bermejo, a man who always plays the Gordo and gets fed up with winning until he understands that the goal of the Christmas Lottery is to share it.

The winners with the Gordo will receive this year, as in the past, 400,000 euros per tenth, with 680 million euros to distribute with this main prize. The second will amount to 1.25 million euros per series (125,000 euros per tenth) and the third will be 500,000 euros per series (50,000 euros each tenth). In addition, as in 2017, there will be two fourth prizes of 200,000 euros (20,000 euros per tenth) and eight fifths of 60,000 euros (6,000 euros per tenth). It will also distribute 1,794 prizes of 100 euros per tenth. In total, 170 million tenths will go on sale.

The filmmaker Alejandro Amenábar was the director of the announcement of the Extraordinary Christmas Raffle in 2017. Danielle -So it was called the short film- it was a love story between two young, she extraterrestrial and he, terrestrial. The 2016 announcement was directed by Santiago Zannou (The trick of the one-armed, Scorpion in love), which created a campaign led by Carmina, a retired teacher who, after a small oversight, involved all her people to keep their illusion in the lottery. One of the most innovative advertising came in 2015: this year An animated short film illustrated the Christmas Lottery campaign for the first time. The protagonist of the video was Justin, a security guard in a mannequin factory on the night shift.

The series of advertising campaigns began in 1998 thanks to the British actor Clive Arrindell (Trinidad and Tobago, 1950), that from that year to 2005 he starred in the announcement. In 2006 the compañía he dispensed with it because the character overshadowed the draw itself, even though he still had a year left on his contract. According to the company, although lottery sales had grown during the period that he made the announcement, the message was losing notoriety.


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