2021 Emmys Enter Fantastic Territory

‘The wire’ It is not the only case of the Grand Series that never had a chance in the queen categories of the Emmy. Historically, the most exposed to rudeness were series assigned to the genre (horror, science fiction, fantasy, etc.). To give you an idea, the colossal ‘Battlestar Galactica’ only achieved three Emmys in its entire career, two of them (of course) to the best special effects. There are already more than the original ‘Star Trek’ took, which were zero.

It mattered little to what extent Ronald D. Moore and his team delved into their science fiction concepts and connected them to the political issues of our time: ‘Battlestar Galactica’ was never nominated for best drama series, nor was it ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’ nor the detective ‘Veronica Mars’. That’s right, the series’ second cardinal sin, according to the Emmys, has been having teenage characters in front of it. What if we tell you that ‘Gossip girl’ didn’t have a single nomination? (And yes, it was very good).

Something changed with the inescapable phenomenon ‘Game of Thrones’, in part perhaps thanks to the fact that even among the members of his team they tried to relativize, especially in the first seasons, their attachment to fantasy. The actor John Bradley, alias Samwell Tarly, had to come to make things clear in ‘Entertainment Weekly’: “Many people involved in the series say that this is not really fantasy, and that it speaks above all of humanity, and all that is very well. But if you like fantasy, IT IS fantasy ”.

Reality is overrated

It is at least noteworthy that, after so long relegated to technical categories or almost oblivion, this year the genre series rule in important categories, including the best drama series, in which ‘The Boys’, ‘The Mandalorian’ compete , ‘Lovecraft Territory’ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (that horror dystopia). In the best limited series section we find ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’ and ‘The Underground Railroad’ (with its escapes to fantasy), although they will have it difficult compared to ‘It could destroy you’ (supernaturally good).

This new appreciation of the fantastic is evident even in the musical categories. As ‘Variety’ pointed out not long ago, “six of the eleven series nominated in the two categories of music for fiction have some element of science fiction, fantasy or horror, in addition to two of the nominated songs, two main themes and four of nominees for best musical supervision “.

Netflix’s (likely) night

Welcome to the end of phantaphobia, although this year the pools predict a victory by sweeping ‘The Crown’ and ‘Lady’s Gambit’. It would be the first time Netflix has won the Emmy for best drama series. If we are guided by the Creative Arts Emmys last weekend, Netflix would also manage to beat its great rival HBO in awards, after the 2018 tie. They are the advantages of the end of ‘Game of Thrones’ and the delay, forced by the pandemic, of the stellar ‘Succession’, whose third season premieres on October 17, here on October 18.

The ‘streamers’ have implanted their law in the awards of the (supposed) television. Disney + has reached 71 nominations, quite a jump compared to 19 in 2020. Apple TV + begins to be taken really seriously: 35 nominations, almost double than in 2020, twenty of them for a winning horse named ‘Ted Lasso’.

Meanwhile, executives of the linear generalist networks in the United States are panicking and feeling obsolete. The changes in the habits and demands of the viewer are also palpable in a country as devoted to traditional television as Spain, where the premiere of the new episodes of ‘La casa de papel’ ‘stole’ a 10.6% share from open channels and reached a 22.9% share among those under 35, according to data from the observational data company Smartme Analytics.

Ceremony (almost) like before

If last year, the Emmy were rather the Zoomy, this time the ceremony will be held in person and not virtual at the Microsoft Theater, before a small group, yes, of nominees and their respective guests. The comedian and actor and Cedric The Entertainer He will relieve Jimmy Kimmel as Master of Ceremonies; Stars like Jennifer Coolidge, America Ferrera, Angela Bassett or Catherine O’Hara will make guest appearances.

As usual, in Spain you can follow live on Movistar +, or more specifically, Movistar Series (dial 11) and Movistar Fest (dial 37). The broadcast from the red carpet starts at 1.00 am. and the ceremony will begin at 2.00 h. To warm up, it is recommended to take a look, also on Movistar +, at the excellent talk show ‘Hollywood in the foreground. The Emmy ‘, in which important names in the industry (not only actors, but also’ showrunners’ and directors) talk to each other about their work in the most important series of recent months.


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