Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

2020 work calendar | Canary Islands will have 14 holidays in 2020 – La Provincia

The year 2020 will havetwelve work parties in the Canary Islands, of which eight will be common to the rest of the autonomous communities of Spain, according to the labor calendar of theGeneral Directorate of Laborpublished this Friday byOfficial State Gazette (BOE).

With respect toCanary Islands, in May the regional festivities were approved.

In application of state legislation, they will be non-working days for work purposes, paid and non-recoverable, every Sunday of the year and also on1 of January New Year;January 6, Epiphany of the Lord;April 9, Holy Thursday;April 10, Good Friday;May 1, Labor Party;May 30, Canary Day;August 15, Assumption of the Virgin;October 12, National Holiday of Spain;December 7, work rest because on December 6,Spanish Constitution Day, isSunday; December 8,Immaculate Conception; December 25, Nativity of the Lord.

Also, because in the2020 yearthe feast of November 1, All Saints' Day, coincides with a Sunday, "it has been considered convenient to replace theWork breakcorresponding to that day by May 30,Canary Day Festivity", as reported by the regional Executive in the approval.

For their part, the councils have proposed replacing the festival corresponding to Santiago Apostle (July 25) to set the holidays that by tradition are typical of each island. In this way,They will also be holidays: in La Palma on August 5,Feast of Our Lady of Las Nieves; in Tenerife,on September 7, the feast of the Descent of the Virgen del Socorro; inGran Canaria on September 8, feast of Our Lady of the Pine;in Lanzarote on September 15,Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows; in Fuerteventura on September 18,Feast of Our Lady of the Rock; in El Hierro,on September 24 the feast of Our Lady of the Kings; and inLa Gomera on October 5, feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

They will also beunable to work, paid and not recoverable in 2020, up to two days as alocal parties, that by tradition are their own in each municipality. In the case ofThe Gran Canarian palmsIt corresponds toTuesday of Carnival(February 25) and atSt. John's Day(June 23)

Thecity ​​hallsthey must formulate their proposals and send them to theGeneral Directorate of Laborwithin one month.

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