April 18, 2021

2018, the fourth warmest year since records have been recorded

2018, the fourth warmest year since records have been recorded

Last year closed with 0.79ºC above the average temperature recorded since the twentieth century. 2018 has become the fourth warmest year since records are held, only behind 2016, 2015 and 2017, as reported by the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), together with NASA. This end, which is the fourth warmest year in 2018, coincides with the premiliar report on the global temperature recently published by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), as already published this newspaper.

In this way, the last five years brings together the five warmest years of history, 2014 being the "coolest" of them all. In addition, nine of the ten warmest years since records have occurred since 2005, require from NOAA. Specifically, 2016 registered 0.94 ºC more than anomaly; one year earlier, in 2015, thermometers marked 0.90 ºC more than the average value; in 2017, 0.84 more and this 2018: 0.79 ºC more than anomy. It is followed by 2014, with 0.74 ºC more, 2010 (0.70 º), 2013 (0.67 º), 2005 (0.66 º), 2009 (0.64 º) and 1998 (0.63 º).

During the past year there were 14 natural disasters that caused more than one billion losses each. In total, these disasters caused the death of at least 247 people and cost 91,000 million dollars. Of these, 73,000 million losses were due to only three extreme events: hurricanes Michael (25,000 million) and Florence (24,000 million) and fires (24,000 million). In the specific case of the United States, natural disasters caused 14,000 million losses in a year warmer and more humid than the average year.


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