20,000 Canarian children are left with a dose of the vaccine: "There are parents who adopt false beliefs"

File photo of the start of pediatric vaccination against covid in Infecar last December. / JUAN CARLOS ALONSO

Health urges that the guideline be completed even if the covid has been had. Pediatric and booster vaccination stagnant at very low percentages

T. ARTILES The Gran Canarian palms.

Childhood vaccination and the administration of the third dose have remained stagnant in the Canary Islands with very low coverage. At a time when the seventh wave of the coronavirus pandemic is intensifying, Health has once again clearly asked for the need to protect oneself and the most vulnerable against the virus, and vaccination "is one of the most effective tools" .

In the case of the child population aged 5 to 11 years, 53% have received at least one dose in the Canary Islands and with the complete regimen the percentage drops to 39.5%, five points below the state average.
In round numbers, more than 20,000 boys and girls have been left with only one dose of the vaccine and Health "is having a hard time" overcoming these figures,
many times due to "erroneous beliefs of the parents", recognizes Begoña Reyero, coordinator of the covid vaccination campaign in the archipelago.

“It is costing because many parents see that their children are passing the infection asymptomatically, but
we must remember the importance that if the child passes the disease after the first dose, it must be completed with the second because only then is the vaccination effective», explains the health. In the event that the disease passes before pricking, "they have to wait eight weeks to be vaccinated with a single dose."

campaign to raise awareness

Health has carried out a campaign with videos of the representatives of the pediatric associations of the islands pointing out the importance of the covid vaccination. In addition, an "active recruitment" system has been launched from health centers where pediatricians and nurses call the parents of unvaccinated patients to find out the reasons. «
It is being seen a lot that parents respond that because their son has already passed the covidand the fact that children are experiencing it asymptomatically has caused parents to adopt erroneous beliefs that we have to combat, because what is clear is that vaccination has served for individual and collective protection, especially of the most vulnerable people", highlights Reyero.
"We have to insist a lot with parents and tell them to trust the children's vaccineit is effective and beneficial, and if they have passed the covid that they put the second dose, “he adds.

The percentage of people with the booster dose – prescribed from the age of 18 – is also stagnant in Canarias in very low percentages, and the population under 50 years of age is the most reluctant to be pricked for the third time against covid, with only 59% of those between 40 and 49 years old, 37% of thirty-somethings, 26% of those who are in their twenties or 13.38% of young people aged 18 and 19, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health.
"It's the same handicap as with childhood vaccination," says Reyero. "The sixth wave has done a lot of damage, ómicron came with more infections but with milder symptoms and people have confused this with a reason not to get vaccinated," he adds.

contagion explosion

Health appeals to those over 60 years of age without a booster dose to put it on to safeguard them from passing the disease in a serious way,
“And of course to young people so that they can contribute with vaccination to control the pandemic and protect the most vulnerable”. And all in the midst of an explosion of infections that has already led to an increase in healthcare pressure, with the covid occupation of beds in hospitals in Gran Canaria at high risk.

“That the transmission continues at the levels that are now is because the virus is mutating and if it mutates we can risk that these mutations they get out of hand, that they are left out of the protection of the vaccines; It is also our responsibility to improve the control of the pandemic and vaccination is one more tool, like the mask and a lot of measures that we are sadly beginning to forget about," concludes Reyero.

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