200 voices by Samuel in San Telmo

The event, organized by Equal LGTBI + and TransGirls, was held because “violence does not fit in our streets, because it is not an isolated case, because we are violated, attacked, humiliated and murdered, because the institutions are accomplices” and “because we are not They kill out of phobia, but out of hatred ”, as indicated on their social networks.

The approximately two hundred people who attended asked the heterosexual population to demonstrate in favor of the group and to reject the violence suffered by the gay community.

This concentration coincided with others that were organized yesterday afternoon, such as the one that took place in the Galician city where the events occurred in which more than a thousand people marched through the streets of A Coruña to express their “cry of rage” against LGTBIphobic violence and to demand once again “justice” for Samuel Luiz. Various LGTBIQ + associations convened under the slogan “In the face of hatred and violence, do not show indifference.”

The assistants have chanted different slogans, such as “They are not deaths, they are murders” or “If they touch one, they touch us all (If they touch one, they touch us all)”. They have also displayed banners that pray “For those who can no longer fight.”


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